Monday, March 3, 2014

Progress in the Field

Hey great to hear from all of you this week, thanks so much for the fun stories and sounds like Kay had a great Bday! Things here have been going great, we had a very good week and its neat to see the work progress overtime and see the growth as we meet with people and see them progress. There was a lot going on this week so lets get right to it. On Monday we met with Andrea. We had a great lesson about baptism as he knows that is what he must do. We extended the invitation to him and he said he is not yet ready. He wants to keep meeting with us and he came to church yesterday so there is no hope lost, I know that he will get baptized, now we can keep meeting and help strengthen his faith and it will click for him. Tuesday 
Tuesday we met with Zedan, he was a referral from an investigator and he is great! He has a desire to do what God wants him to do. He is from Iraq and is studying here, we mentioned baptism and he didnt even know what it was. Great opportunity to share that it is one thing that we can show God our desire to follow him and to serve him. 
Wednesday we had an exchanged with the Assistants and I went to Munich for that, we had a lesson with a new investigator and had a first lesson with him. It was neat to be able to share the 1st vision with him and have him respond and say, "That was powerful." I love how people can recognize the power behind that story. It is the Spirit that gives that witness of the truth and that testifies to me once more of the truthfulness of what happen that day because the Spirit only testifies of the truth and when that is recited and that power is felt I know that it did happen and God did restore his church.
Thursday we met with our new convert, Diogo who is doing well. Its a little tough for him as his mother is a member and doesnt have the desire to come and his uncle has now moved away. So the Bischop is picking him up for church and we are reading with him and helping him get into that good habit at a young age so he can grow and keep that habit going! 
Friday we met with a family in the ward and gave them a family mission plan, something we are trying to do with all the members in the ward so they have their own plan. The great thing about it is that its different for every family as they have different goals and plans to do missionary work from praying for the opportunities as a family to inviting those to an activity. We can all be apart of the work and do our part and it starts with the small and simple things because that is how the Lord works. Prayer is that simple thing and it has so much power behind it! 
Saturday we met with Damaris, she is progressing as we have met with her. She is still having a hard time understanding why we need the Book of Mormon and trying to convince of we dont. I have studied lately lots on the subject and I am so grateful that we do have the Book of Mormon. Another Testament of Christ, a simple but powerful phrase! We study to learn about Christ and his words and we grow faith as we live accordingly. Millions have testified of the truthfulness of it because they have done what is suggested for all of us to do. And thats exactly what we need to get Damaris to do, read and pray about it! We strengthen our faith as we get serious into the book and read and pray and then all conflicts will be resolved. How grateful we are to have both the Bible and the Book of Mormon together so that we can know how to live our lives and receive strength and revelation to make the right choice! I love the gospel and learning about it everyday and having the opportunity to give that Spiritual knowledge to others. What a joy it brings! Our love is our greatest tool in inviting others to come to Christ and receive that joy. 
I love you and hope you have a great week!! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Outlook of Stuttgart, Oh it is so pretty and I love it!!

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