Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Dearest Family!! 
Happy St. Patricks Day! We have had a fun day even though it is not really celebrated over here in Germany we still made the most of it for Pday. Our district came together at the YSA center and had brunch of green eggs and ham and pancakes! It was such a fun time to be together with everyone enjoying the time. It has been a great week as well and things in his work just keep on going, keep on growing. This work will never stop and its neat to see members catching on and being apart of it. We have worked a lot with two young men in the ward who are both preparing to go on missions soon. We have had them come with us to appointments and also do a little contacting together. Their excitement is great and testimonies are wonderful to have. Glad we can help them prepare for their own experiences, being prepared is so key and its something I have learned that is nothing big like preparing for a big test but rather it is doing the small things everyday that really matter to get into the habit and have experiences that will help us in the future when times get hard. Knowledge is also something that fascinates me and that it comes overtime and not all at once. Its good to learn that for ourselves and especially having the opportunity to teach those who dont have such a big knowledge of such things and what patience it takes to receive it. I think we grow and learn the most though in the time that we are waiting patiently but persistently in an answer rather than just receiving the answer right away. As we wait we still need to live the way we need to and by living by faith we learn the most! I know we have a loving God who knows when we need answers and when we need to persistently wait. 
We met with Damaris two times this week and things are going good with her, I think the next step that needs to be taken is to her to come to church because the lessons go well and she has really good questions that are sometimes tough to answer but as she comes to church and see for herself how it can improve her life and bring her closer to Christ not until then will see realize the importance of it and will all her answers be resolved. We also met with a new investigator who is originally from Mexico. He is here going to school and he is open and willing to read and to pray. It has been crazy how many different cultures and people I have met out here in Germany. In one of our classes yesterday at church we had someone from, Peru, Russia, Thailand, and Portugal there participating and progressing in the gospel. Most of them are less actives so it was great to have them there! We picked up Diogo and Brunno for church and it was so great to have Brunno come for the first time in a long time. He said he needed a little time and then he would come back but that is sometime an excuse we all use to put something off and the truth is, it never comes around. Christ invitation is to do it now, to come back now. His arms of mercy are always outstretched and he will always receive us as we accept him. 
This week we did two different exchanges and it was neat to work with other missionaries and learn from them and to also lift them up and help them grow their faith in this work. Sometimes we think it is too hard to find someone, or we are in an area where it is too "difficult" to find anyone. But I know that no matter where we are there is always Gods children there waiting for the gospel if they know it or not. We must have the faith and attitude to know anything is possible no matter where we are, because it doesnt matter where we are but how we do it and the faith we exercise. This work is possible, I know God wouldnt give a commandment that was too hard for us to keep. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Fixing St. Patrick's Day pancakes

 Our district on St. Patricks day at the YSA center.We had a brunch with everyone - so fun!!

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