Monday, March 24, 2014

Do I hear Strike?

Well what a week of events it has been. Its been a good last week and the work is moving forward, there is nothing that can stop us. Even if the buses and trains in Stuttgart go on strike the Lords work moves on. Yep you heard it, this last week the buses and trains went on strike for one day and so it was really hard to get around but it didnt stop us. It might have messed up a few appointments but didnt stop us from finding those that are prepared to accept this wonderful message. We had good time to do some finding here on the streets of Stuttgart as lots of people were on the streets walking from here to there but we can always find those ready as we have the right attitude and drive behind it. If we dont believe it, it wont happen. That is the test of life that we do what we know if right and what has given us and to live daily accordingly. He desires our happiness and joy and he has given us a way to receive that if we follow what he has given us. If that all makes sense...but I was studying today about prayer and how its a commandment that we pray to our Father in Heaven. He wants to hear from us, he wants to help us, and he wants to answer us and that all comes as we obey his commandments and pray to him. 
This week we had two more exchanges with Elders in the zone, and the week always goes quick as we work with other missionaries and are traveling. Its a great time to be with them and help them in their work and also learn from them and their great examples. Things are going well with our investigators we have met with both Damaris and Ilja twice this week. I believe I have spoken about Ilja before, he is a former investigator that we have started teaching again. It was neat as he explained to us that the time before just wasnt the right time and didnt feel right. Its been going really good though as he has met a friend of him at church and we are going over this week to have an appointment at his house. He is making great progress as we talked about prayer, he liked the fact that we can really have a conversation with God. God prepares his children and all has a time when they are ready we must have the faith and patience in his timing. Damaris is also doing well, we had a neat experience with her this last week. She had a really good question (like she always does) and we did our best explaining it do her. She didnt get it fully so we turned to the scriptures and read with her and then she said, oh okay now it makes sense! I love the scriptures and am so grateful we have them to teach the simple and pure truths of the gospel. 
Church was great this week. We had two less actives there, less active work is the best! Brother Blanc hasnt been to church for 10 years and he saw the missionaries twice this week and knew the Lord was telling him something. Also the other one Patrick, we also saw this week at the train station and he said he would come but he has told us that many times but then the day before we saw him again and he knew he needed to come and they were both there. Its neat to be an instrument in the Lords hand, we might be one small part of the orchestra but it wouldnt be the same without us and how he uses us to bring back his lost sheep. Some might need a push or two but they will come back because of the love that God has for them. He doesnt give up with anyone and we shouldnt either! Hope you have a great week and so good to hear from you. I love each one of you, I love my family!
Much love,
Elder Jerman

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