Monday, March 31, 2014

Biggest Finding Day Ever!

Passing out Book of Mormons with some members
 Guten Morgen Familie!
How are we today? Things have been great here this last week, as much has happened and we are just moving right along. I cant believe we will be moving into April but there is nothing that is stopping it so I guess we will go right along with it. We have had lots of things going on this week so we will get right into the swing of things. We had just one exchange this last week and I was here in Stuttgart. That night we had a meeting with Damaris and we hadnt found of joint teach yet. It is usually not a problem and we usually have one but for some reason we hadnt gotten one yet and so throughout the day I was trying to set up a joint teach to come with us. It was going to be at the YSA center where we usually meet and Institute was going on the same time. The day went along and I couldnt find anyone, we had a meeting an hour before and then she would be there. We go into the meeting with having no one and I was praying hard it would all work out. Well time rolls around and she is here and we hadnt gotten anyone yet, I invited her if she wanted to attend Institute but she would rather have a lesson. At this point I dont know what to do and just hoping for someone to help out. Long story short we found a member who was coming to Institute but said he would come with us. It was so great and I know everything always works out, dont know where I wanted this story to go but I know it will all work out even up to the last few seconds. The lesson was good and Damaris is good, we met again on Saturday morning. We arent seeing much progress sadly as wedoesnt accept the invitation to pray about the Book of Mormon and the things we have taught. She just has many questions and doesnt feel she needs to pray and come to church. We might be done teaching her which saddens me but we will meet one more time this week and see how it goes. I know for sure that if now is not the time for her, once her heart is soften and she accepts it she will be one of the strongest members ever! The time just isnt right quite yet but it will come. 
Ilja is doing great though, we had a perfect lesson with him as we went together with him to a members house for dinner and then had a lesson. He knows the daughter in the family and they work together so it is a great connection and it was awesome to have the members there to testify to him. He was on church on Sunday and seemed to enjoy it really well. We are excited with him and to really progress with him. 
This week we were in Munich Thursday and Friday for our meeting with the President Miles, it was a great spiritual time and it will be great this next week as we give his council and guidance further to the zone here in Stuttgart! Then on Saturday we had the best day ever! We had our big finding day here in Stuttgart, we had over 50 missionaries here from two zones here in Germany and also YSA and members there. We started with a short flash mob where we read the Book of Mormon silently and then came together and sang hymns. Then we went out and found! We gave out balloons and also had poster with different questions of the soul on them. It was a great success! I understand now what a big number can do, the Lord has increased his numbers and the wave of this work is moving forward. What a great time we live in and I am so grateful to be apart of it just like everyone of us is apart of it! Hope you have a great week and I love you all. 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
ps. Christoph is coming to Stuttgart today for Pday and we will be spending the day together, I will let you know how it goes next week! Love you much!
Busy Saturday at the Schlossplatz Park in Stuttgart 

The missionaries and some members started singing hymns.

People gathered to listen and many accepted the invitation to learn more.

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