Monday, September 29, 2014

Huttledorf Hastel

Hey I hope all is well at home, things are going great here and we are moving right along. Its crazy to be sitting here once again as it seems like the time goes by quickly but lots has happen in the time in between! Many miracles and stories that strengthens us to know we are in the service of the Lord and this work is real and what these people need! To start off I would like to tell a story from Thursday as we were walking home and just about to turn the corner to go up our last street to be home we talked with this guy, well he actually asked us in English, "Hey where is the Hüttledorf Hastel?" We didnt know exactly but we knew which was Hüttledorf was and explained to him, but we got talking of where he was from and what he was doing. We decided to walk with him and show him where it was and come to find out he is from California but left everything he had to come on a trip to find answers. He has traveled around Europe and planning to go on to Asia until he finds answer, he has talked to many including priests and such but is still on the search, he said pray has helped him along and can feel that as a start but still doesnt know which way. It was so neat to walk with him and answer some questions he had and get on take on life and what we believe. We walked a good 30 minutes with him and at the end he thank us for help and said this is exactly what he was looking for as he came out here. I had the impression to give testimony of Gods love for him and his awareness for him. I both felt Gods love for me and for this stranger trying to find his way in life. He left walking along his way and I wondered where he will end up but with the confidence we helped him along is way and he will one day end up in the Mormon church! 
Another neat experience for the week was we went by a less active, well at least that is what we thought when we first went by. He answers and lets us in and we starting talking and we find out he is not the guy where were looking for but he was the roommate. He used to be a member but took his records out but has had contact now and again with missionaries. He is a really nice guy and has the desire to come back, it was great to have contact with him again and even though we might have had another purpose going there God knew we would find him. God works in many ways but he has one goal in leading all of his children back to him one day. 
We have a new investigator this week, I have talked about him before, his name is Marcel and he is the one who didnt have much of a life planned out and only being 21 years old. We now meet at the church and he is great, we started reading from the beginning of the Book of Mormon with him and great to see his desire to read grow. We hope to make good progress with him. Things are going well with Yisel, we had an appointment for today but it got cancelled, we hope to help her be prepared for baptism, its coming up sooner than we think and I hope we can help her be ready but as we just control whats in our control and help her gain a testimony through the power of the Spirit and leave the rest up to the Lord, things will work out in how he wants it to. Our responsibility is not taken away he still expects much from us and we can decide to give our best everyday. I am so grateful for our free agency and that we make the right decision everyday. Do what is right. 
I love you all, I love my whole family and hope you have a great week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Fun picture in Vienna! The many people we meet!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Many different things!

Hello and hope all is well back home, it sure sounds like it and that is so wonderful to hear. Things are going well here and there is truly so much we can be thankful for. This is the greatest work and I love being apart of it daily no matter what time of the day it is whether if we are studying or teaching or planning for the next day, this time is precious and I am grateful for the guidance given so we know how to use the time the most effective! 
We had a great week with many different things going on. Its neat to be in one work but to have so much that is included within it, its all a little different but it all has the same purpose in bringing others to Christ. Wednesday night we visited a member couple, they are originally from Hungary but have lived here for a while. We asked them if we could come over and share a message with them, it was really neat as we did share it and to have them open up and express their feelings on that is exactly what they needed and how nice it was to be able to talk about it, because we do have the opportunity at church to discuss but then again some are more quiet than others and its just good to be reminded of it throughout the week and be able to express yourself because even when we personal study, its good but how much better it is to be able to share what we learned or what we wanted to apply to our life. We enjoy visiting and lifting members in the small ways. 
Friday morning we traveled to St. Pölten, a city just outside of Vienna where they had planned to have a street display for the whole day and not just any display. It was quite impressive and it was worth doing it the whole day, we didnt stay the whole time but Elder Howarth was asked to play the organ as they had brought an electric organ. They also played violins and it was really a neat time preaching the gospel having hymns played. It was quite successful as we met and talked with many and gave out Books of Mormon and other material. I loved working with members who came to support and have them share testimony with those we talked with. This truly is the true church because we have all experience the joy from living it and because of that we want to share it with everyone we meet. Not many churches, but we do because we want others to also partake of that joy and happiness. 
Saturday morning was another activity we had, it was an Elders Qurom Activity where we cleaned the church and then grilled afterwards. We have been in contact with a less active over the phone but have never met out, we were going to on Friday but it didnt work out so we invited him to this activity and he said he would come, we told him he wouldnt have to come to clean but just come afterwards but as we were there he showed up ready to clean and help out. It was so awesome and neat to finally meet him! He is originally from Afghanistan and has been here about 6 years, he has had contact throughout the years but has never received the Priesthood and that is what interests him. We talked with him about that and what he needs to do to get there. It was great to see his desire to change and do the will of the Lord. 
Yisel is making great progress now as we made out a date for her to get baptized! She even picked it herself, the 19th of October! Keep her in your prayers as well as her husband. She almost didnt come to church yesterday and Saturdaynight had decided she wouldnt but had a dream in the night and woke up and prayed to God for guidance and when she woke up in the morning she knew she needed to go to church. God will always lead us in the right direction and will bless us for it as we willing obey. She explained to us how she has notice she has become a better wife and partner in marriage and she sees the blessings that come from it. Let us all notice the many blessings the Lord gives to us as we follow His example. 
I love you all and am so grateful for my family. The family is the most important and is the best way one can progress in the gospel. I am so grateful that we can make progress everyday and thank the Lord for all he gives us.
Have a wonderful week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Me in the morning as we ran to a palace for morning sport!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Life is a gift

Hey great to hear from you this week, I am always impressed on how many activities you are involved in and that you are accomplishing many great things in life. That is what life is about, having a true purpose in it and fulfilling many great things of your own free will. I learned a little more about that on the different side of the picture this week. So for about a year now or so we have been able email investigators and those we meet on the street and its great to send them links and such about the church. I know a lot more is accomplish that what is seem but we usually dont receive anything back from those we meet on the streets but this week was different as a guy named Marcel emailed us back with his number saying to give him a call! I am not saying no one has ever emailed back but this was great progress and when you strive and do your best with many different people, there will be at least one who will respond as God has prepared them whether it be less actives or those on the streets. We meet many but there are very few that act upon our message. Anyways back to Marcel, so we give him a call and make out an appointment for the next day! It all works out and we met him at the bus stop and go back to his apartment. We get to know him a little better and find out he is 21 and already retired, he lives alone and I can imagine that he usually stays home at his computer. He also smokes and I just felt so bad as we left that he has his whole life in front of him and its already going down hill. It truly is so sad to see and how much hope and happiness there is in life. God has given us so much potential in life and I know Marcel can totally change his life 180 degrees. It wont be easy but it is possible with God and his son Jesus Christ. 
We also met a new friend this week named Marko, we found him through service. We met him last week and actually met in his apartment ending with a prayer if you remember that and we noticed he needed help in his apartment so this week we asked if we could come and help out. He accepted and we got some good work done finishing with talking about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. It was a win win situation. Service brings about much good for all of us. 
Yesterday there was a baptism in our ward for an 8 year old. It was so neat, the family is originally from Peru and so there was more than one language going on (German, Spanish and English) But it was neat to feel the Spirit strong no matter what the language was and even if you couldnt understand you could understand and recognize the truth of it through the power of the Spirit. We had two investigators there, Yisel and Marko and it was great for them to see. Something special for them and Yisel asked when can we plan her baptism! We are meeting this week and hopefully making a set appointment with her. Its time and she is ready. How neat it is to receive a confirming truth that this work is true including the covenants we make with our Father in Heaven. He is real and he loves us and wants us to return to him and we can as we make and keep our covenants, striving and enduring to the end. 
I love my family and so grateful for each one of you. Keep living life with a purpose! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
 Today - Elder Howarth and I on top of the aquarium where you could go outside and look around Vienna. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Keeping covenants

Great to hear from all of you on this great sunny day! Crazy how the weather changes from one day or week to the next. Its been a different summer here but its been good and we are enjoying it none the less. Every moment is a precious one no matter what we are doing and to be effective in all is very important. We did a good amount of service this last week helping out a few different people which was great to help out. We helped our Bishop as they are getting to move and also a friend of another member. You can never do too much service but I must truly say that I loved putting that white shirt and tie on afterwards and going out on the streets of Vienna meeting many different children of God. All who need the gospel whether they know it or not. 
Yisel is still coming along great, her example to do what is right is so great to see and learn from, its just too bad with her situation with her husband and with her getting baptized. She really wants to but unexpected things keep coming up. Her husband wants there baby to be baptized in the Catholic church, it wont mean anything to her but she wants to support the head of the household which is the best thing to do. The family is the most important thing and a gift from God so we will have to wait and see what the next couple weeks bring but we are hoping and praying on. 
Sister Schade are less active we are working with is still making great progress as well. Yesterday at church she shared her testimony for the first time. I was so proud of her and its such a neat opportunity we all have to share our testimonies and the blessings both we receive and others. It is one of our most powerful tools, that the Spirit can testify of all eternal/restored truths. 
One neat story from yesterday after church we get a call from an investigator we have had. Agnes is the name and she is from Hungary, we havent been able to meet lately but her son from Hungary has now moved here because she found a new apartment that is big enough for them both, its not in our area anymore but they wanted to go to church so I told them how to get to the other church in Vienna. Anyways after church we get a call from them saying they never made it as they looked and never could find it. The language barrier made it so there was a miss communication with directions. They asked if we could come by to give the sacrament and so we happily did as we got permission from their bishop and to find out her son (a convert member for 5 years) hadnt missed church for 3 yrs. Ah it saddened me that he couldnt make it but so neat we could still have the chance to renew his covenants. How grateful we are to be able to do so every week and renew our covenants we made with God. Let us all remember what we have covenanted and strive to live our best accordingly. Thanks to the Atonement of Christ can we improve everyday. I am so grateful for Christ and his Atonement and that we can share that joyful message with others. 
I love my family oh so much! Have a wonderful, safe week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman

Monday, September 1, 2014


Morning run by Schönnbrunn palace
Good morning from raining Vienna! All is well here and we have had a great week. I hope all of you have had one as well and also for this coming week! The Lord is on our side and we have seen many miracles in the vineyard. Some exciting news that I would like to share up front from another part of the vineyard is that I have kept in contact with Steven in Stuttgart and he told me today he has made the decision to get baptized and that will be happening in October!! I am so glad the Lord has blessed his life in so many ways and that he will be making that decision! Horah for Israel! 
You never know when you meet someone on the street the progress they will make but I do know that the Lord is gathering those that are ready and we have a big responsibility to find them or for them to find us. We have had once again many neat stories of those we meet in Vienna. I love talking to people here and all the small things that connect together. For example one day we were a little lost in the part of town and we were back tracking and past a family getting out of the car. They almost went across the street but we stopped the dad right as he was closing the trunk and leaving. We talked with them real quick and he ended pulling out a Book of Mormon out of his trunk and said that last week he had met the missionaries. They didnt have time but neat to be a messenger of the Lord and say that he should read. A good reminder, one we all need sometimes. Another example is we were on an exchange this last week with the zone leaders and we were contacting and we stopped someone on a bike and ended up having a really great conversation and she is very interested on what the Book of Mormon is and if she can truly receive an answer from God. The last one is we stopped a lady with her child and she explained to us that at the moment she is going through a divorce and it is quite the trial for her but that her child means everything to her. It was neat to explain Gods plan and that it lays out in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. She needed it right than in her life and neat to meet her at the right place at the right time. 
The Book of Mormon plays a roll in all these example and this last week, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a lot and the importance of it. We truly need to use it more in our efforts because it does have the capability to bring us closer to God than any other book. Of that I know and I love reading in it everyday and having the opportunity to share that with others. 
Yisel is doing really well and connecting great with this ward. Yesterday at church is talked with many members and is getting to know many. In our lessons with her last week we talked about some commandments, like tithing and the word of wisdom, she accepted as she desires to follow Christ and do all that he asks. She knows it is true and she is blessed as she follows the commandments and her prayers are answered. We hope to make progress with her husband and that he will be more open. Also church was really great, we had a new friend come, his name is Marco and we met him on Fridayand it was neat how the whole thing rolled out. We talked with him on the bus and then he invited us to come over to his apartment and we introduce the Book of Mormon and answered some of his questions and ended with a prayer and it was so neat to see his change of countenance in that short amount of time. The gospel changes lives for good and so neat to see it, it is possible through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know his power is real and he can use it everyday to endure and return the favor by serving our brother and sisters. 
I love you and so grateful for everyone of you. I love my eternal family! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman

Celebrating Elder Worthen's birthday at a sushi bar in Vienna