Monday, November 24, 2014

You are trusted

The Rathaus Christkindl markt. 

Hey Family!!
The winter has began in Vienna, the cold has hit but there will probably be no snow for a while, well that is what they say at least. They dont get snow until Jan. or Feb. so we can hope for a white Christmas but most likely not. Actually it is planned to be white for the other two Elders here in our ward! They have been working with a referral that a missionary outside of Vienna but lives here, he has been looking for the truth for 20 years and the truth found him! His name is Johann and its great to be in this work together and rejoice from the success of others! This week was on an exchange with the zone leaders who is also working with an investigator preparing for baptism. I was suppose to have a baptismal interview with her but her husband wasnt for it, even though he has now been a member for about a year. We had a lesson with them the night before but they didnt come to the interview, we will hope it will all work out and it will in the Lords time and way. Something neat about the exchange as well is that we taught another investigator of theirs who is making great progress and really like to study the doctrine really well, she had just read Lehis Vision and had some questions about it, I pulled out my picture book I had and we discussed it and at the end in her pray she thanked God that she could better understand the vision with the picture that helped. I am so grateful for the many different tools we have to help people learn and understand the gospel. Its so simple and its so true! 
Things with Daniel are going really well, I told you last week that we were planning to go to FHE and we did make it there with him. At the beginning it was going okay and he met a few people but then someone asked him what he was studying and he told him and the YSA sitting across from him, perked up and said hey that is what I am studying too! And then what happened after that is history! They went off and it was so so good to have him make that connection and get involved with the YSA! He is a great guy and I am glad we have so many opportunities to help him and others! Isnt the restored gospel awesome!? 
We met with a new less active we came in contact with. It was kind of neat how it all worked out, we went by the first time and she said we could come back another time in the morning we she had no time. So we tried other day in the morning and she had something going that day, so we asked for her number at got that and called a few days later, made out an appointment and finally met this last week! Sounds like a lot but it was worth it and it all worked out! She was very open and willing to talk, it takes steps and the first one has been made and we invited her to take the next which she has to do on her own, that is making that effort to read and pray to regain that belief she once had. It was great and I am glad we could meet with her, we also helped a less active family with some service, they are so key and we need to keep working with all and not let it fall back the way it was before. The Lord gives us all many opportunities to serve and help others, but that is only the beginning. There is always the next step that can be made to help them along their path, whether it be their first time or if they are returning. He trusts us all and wants us to serve his precious children, to help them understand the importance of what is right in front of them and what they are missing out on. We are the ones that can be that help, he knows we can do it and as we pray for his help and strength he will do what is necessary but leave us up to the job! And we can achieve it as he doesnt give us anything we can not accomplish! 
I love my family and so grateful for you all, what a great time of year to be thankful. I am thankful for a loving God, his son Jesus Christ and the for the restored gospel which brings eternal joy in this life. Have a wonderful thankful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

We had a Thanksgiving fest with the missionaries in Vienna 
p.s. Hey one fun thing, this last week I met a Lloyd Stiles, you will have to talk with the Hundleys about him. He was trained by their son (Corey) in the Holland mission. He lives in Vienna and is in the 2nd ward! Kind of fun to make that connection! 
Love you,
 Elder Anderson and I brought the sugared carrots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

from Sister Adam

Jason mentioned going out on an exchange with an Elder from Alpine.  I had just met a Sister Adam from Alpine a week ago at our Alpine Missionary Mom lunch.  She said her son had just arrived in the mission field so I asked her if this was her son.  This was her reply.

"Yes, that is my missionary! He wrote that he had his first companion exchange and that his exchange was with the district leaders. He went with your son and his companion. He said, they spent most of the day street contacting. He also said "Elder Jerman is a finding machine. He will talk to everyone that walks by him. One day, when I can speak the language better, I hope I can find as good as him." He also said that he got some practice talking to people and that it was a great day!"

How awesome is that!?!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!

Birthday decor in the apartment.

Hey family!! 
Great to hear from all of you and thanks once more for the many birthday wishes. I am glad you had a great birthday as well, mom. This whole week as been great, full of missionary work, nothing better! Its great to have a few birthdays on a mission and I know I will never forget these ones. In the morning for morning sport, Elder Worthen and I ran to Schönbrunnpalace which was a great way to start the day. We did studies and then had a lunch appointment with an investigator, it was with Felix and we got to teach him as well, a perfect combination. We had some neat experiences as we had some contacting time and what better for a gift than to give others the gospel. It is a humbling experience and it made it extra special as I got to help other people have a special day, that is truly what made it a great day. We gave out a few Books of Mormon, those people that were prepared and received their chance and accepted the gospel. It is so neat and I am grateful to do that everyday! Happy Birthday to you as well mom, I am so honored to share the same week with you and we also had a great day on Friday as we help an investigator with some service as he is moving in and we carried multiple things for him and then sat down with him and talked about the Book of Mormon. That is the ultimate perfect combo where you get to give both physical and spiritual help! :) 
For the rest of the week, it was great as well as we met multiple people and had some neat miracles, I wish I had the time and space to tell them all but that will have to wait for another time. A few experience though, is that it is going really good with Daniel, we met this week and we set out for this next week to go to FHE with him and then one more time meeting with him throughout the week so we have more contact and he can be progressing more. We had an exchange this last week and I got to work with a brand new missionary out for 3 weeks, he is from Alpine and we had a great day. We were going to go by a member to just give them a note to thank them and let them know that we love and appreciate them. We contacted along the way and it was time to go home but I thought we could still have enough to go by none the less. We did it and on the way back we met on the street a less active member. It was neat to see as we serve our members and others, God puts in our paths those that also needs to be served. I love to serve! We met a neat guy this week originally form the Caribbean but has lived here for some time but also lived in Florida. He has a family here and is concerned for them and wants them to grow up happy. There are so many people to be reached and I am glad for the opportunity to meeting so many different people and knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help them all no matter their situation or concern. 
We have got to run so thats it for today, but life is good, my birthday was another great day doing missionary work which I love, and I am grateful to serve God and his children. We are so blessed to live at this time and have the restored truth at our finger tips and to grow our personal testimonies of the truth. I know God lives and loves everyone of us. Have a great week and I love you all! 

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Jason is 21!  Great day in Vienna!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Way for Everyone

The 4 of us at Schönbrunn today with great weather!! :)
Hope all is well, it sure sounds like all is well and thats great to
hear. All is well in Vienna even the weather is staying on the sunning
side! Today we visited Schönbrunn without a jacket and the sun was
shinning bright! Its kind of neat living in such a neat place! I love
Vienna! Hey some fun news from Stuttgart if you remember Liliana, she
has a baptismal date for the beginning of the year! Fun to hear the
work moves on and no effort is wasted. Yesterday at church we had a
lesson on planting those seeds and not loosing hope if you personally
dont see a lot happen. Agency plays a big role and we can only control
our own and how we diligently work in the Lords vineyard. I am
grateful for the time to work in this part of the vineyard.
Felix is doing well and making good progression, we just need to get
him to church. Its a little hard because he has a fear of many people
and also his diabieties. He is a great guy though and understands the
gospel really well, we had a lesson with him where we read a little in
the Book of Mormon and then discussed the Restoration and by the end
of that he had recognized the Spirit really strong and its so neat the
Spirit that comes as we share our special message of the truth being
restored. Our friend Daniel is also coming along and I am always so
impressed with him. He is only a 20 year old Austrian but is so wise
and knows what is important in life which sadly to say is not the norm
here. We are truly blessed to teach them but at the same time learn
just as much from them and their example. Daniel mentioned not
doubting makes it a lot easier to believe and he truly has a gift of
This last week we also came in contact with this great family. The
Elders in St. Pölten (Elder Andersons old area and actually where
Elder Seamons is right now) contacted a family on the street and they
lived in our area here in Vienna. We went by and they invited us very
friendly to come in. It is a dad and his two kids who are from Syria
and have been here about a year and a half. The kids can speak really
good German but the father not so much so we translate through them
but they are very open to all. We will be helping him learn German but
also he is interested in our message. He had a Muslim background but
was a hard worker and never had time to really learn about it so they
are open to learn and understand the gospel. It was neat as we
explained prayer and they said they wanted to learn. Its cool as well
as the kids are apart of it as they translate, that they can also be
learning (10 year old son and 14 year old daughter). The Lord is
preparing a way for all his children to hear and understand the gospel
and they have gone through a humbling experience to have them open to
listen. Every person is a percious child of God and all need what he
wants to share with them so they can return to his presence. The
gospel is true and the work keeps moving forward.
I love my family and know the gospel has played a great role in our
life. I share this joy we have experienced with others every day. That
is a reason why I am here to have this joy we have experienced to
share it and help others know how they can also enjoy it. All is made
possilbe through Jesus Christ and his gospel.
Have a great week and especially you mom! I love you all and Happy Birthday!!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
With my new companion, Elder Anderson, in Vienna

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Train Send Offs

Below are videos of some missionaries in Austria on Transfer Day.

Watch as the missionaries skip, then run along side the departing train as they say good-bye to companions being transferred.  Listen to the "singing train" sound as the train picks up speed and just imagine the emotions.

Click here

Here is another one to watch from inside the train.  Elder Worthen tries to outrun the train.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Once again another church here in Vienna! But so pretty! 
The good work keeps moving on here in Vienna. Elder Howarth left on Tuesday which is different than normal. Normally we have transfers on Thursday but this time on Tuesday and so Elder Anderson and I had the whole week together, especially since he was just coming from the town close by I went to pick him up in the morning and off we went! It was a great week and I am excited to work with him. He is from Mesa Arizona and a great worker.
On our first day we had an appointment with an investigator. His name is Richard and missionaries have worked with him in the past, he even had a baptismal date at one point of time but didnt make it and we made contact with him again and it will be good working with him and hopefully help him make it this time. 
Our other investigators are doing great and it was good to have Elder Anderson at the beginning of the week and he got to meet all of them and we are making good improvement. Daniel is doing good, we invited him to baptism, he said he knows he needs and wants to be baptized he just isnt sure where yet. He hasnt yet received an answer but we are working good with him and hope to get him involved with the YSA. Frau Sulzenbacher is coming along, slowly but surely. Unfortunately she is going on vacation and it will be a couple weeks till we meet with her again, but we left her with the commitment to keep reading and start praying daily to keep her progressing with out us there, which is possible if she has the true desire! We also met with Yisel this week as we start teaching her the new convert lessons, I learned the importance of still helping out in this progress. Baptism doesnt mean that all is done and all her worries are gone, she still needs the nourishment of the gospel to build her faith step by step. A side note on her, she wanted to thank you personally for the letter you wrote, she was so grateful for it and wanted to give all of you a hug. She was touched that people that didnt know her, could love her that much. Its neat to know we are all brothers and sisters in Gods family. 
A couple neat stories for the week is that we had planned to go by a members house and give them a thank you card for having us over earlier in the week and we came up to their house and they were outside working in the yard, we asked if we could help out and the mom was so grateful and actually had the idea that morning wishing they had asked the missionaries and then there we were! So neat to serve members and especially at an unplanned time! Yesterday at church was really great, and we had a great class about Stake conference last week and we talked about the Stake goals which one of them is praying for the missionaries by name. So neat to see the excitement of the ward and gets us excited and motivated to do all we can to get our investigators at church and bring members to lessons. They are such a big part of this work and we couldnt do anything with out each other. Then last night as we were contacting we contacted this one guy and had a good discussion but then he had no interest and we thought nothing of it. He left and we were walking in the same direction, after a while he turns around and asked us, "now what really is in the Book of Mormon?" It was perfect! We answered his question, gave testimony and then offered it to him. He took it with joy. I love that as we find we can teach restored true principles of the gospel that has the Spirit testify of them and then when people act on what they feel, its the best to see the Spirit work within and soften hearts. I love the gospel and that we can share it with everyone no matter if they accept it and this time or not. Its worth it! 
Halloween was good, did what we missionaries do best and shared the gospel but fun to see painted faces and some costume here and there throughout Vienna!
Have a great fall week! I love my family! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Elder Anderson and I at our study desk, and the decorations that we have had up the celebrate the times. If you can tell I had even saved some from last Halloween! Fun fun!