Tuesday, January 28, 2014

from Sister Moon

Sister Jerman, I'm Elder Moon's mom.  Ryan (Elder Moon) absolutely LOVES your son and says he is the hardest worker he has been with on his mission.  Ryan tells us that Elder Jerman is, "all about service."  I'm so glad our boys are working together!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The sun is shining in Germany

Stuttgart interviews and District Meeting

What a great week it was here in Stuttgart! Well not just in Stuttgart but also in Heilbronn! Remember Heilbronn, I sure hope you do, so as Zone Leaders we have exchanges with the District Leaders in the Zone and so this last week I got to go back to Heilbronn for a day and work there! It was so crazy, I loved it! It was weird going back and seeing the place, there was a couple things different but mostly the same. We got to visit the Valencia family from Spain and they were so happy that we came to visit them. Its great to make friendships that last for a lifetime and to again see each other. We also had a lesson with a less active that we had been working with. It was soo awesome and I absolutely enjoyed it! We also had another exchanged with some other Elders and I stayed in Stuttgart and worked, we did some home teachings with some members and also we were going to have an appointment that the International elders made out but it fell out. It was still a good time and I love working with missionaries and serving/learning from them. 
We got two new investigators this week which was great and will be great to work with and make progress with. Those 3 things of reading, praying, and coming to church is really the way they can progress and receive their own answer. We are their guides but only they can get that personally testimony and feel the spirit tell them that its true by doing those 3 things. I have learned lots of the importance of the them and how key they are in all of our conversions. So their names are Haiko and Kat, Kat is a really cool story. Before I got here the missionaries were waiting for the train to come up and someone came up to them calling out, "Elders!" Quite a surprise since most people dont know us, but she is from the Ukraine and has been here about a year. She didnt know there was a church here in Stuttgart, she had been going to church for 4 years! She knows the Elders very well and this last week we finally got to meet with her. She has not yet been baptized and we asked her about it and she explained that she hasnt gotten her answer yet of the Book of Mormon. We are involved everyday in a work that truly is based off our trust and faith in God and his promises he has made to us. We know we have received his promise and know it is possible for others, we all need to keep the faith and hope and not give up to receive that answer. It comes in many ways and ways we usually wouldnt think but as we live faithfully and are obedient he will give us an answer. I know he will, we must truly believe and then ask. 
Something fun to end off on, today for Pday we visited a chocolate factory (Ritter Sport) and then also got to visited the American Military Base here in Stuttgart. It seems like we are in America once we go in, and we got to get Taco Bell which I havent had in a long time! It was a great time. We all need to keep working diligent but not forget to stop and smell the roses. :) God is a loving God and have given us so much to enjoy! Especially Families and I love my family! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Much Love,

Elder Jerman
Ritter Sport (chocolate factory tour)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting around town

My wonderful family,
Ah Im so glad to write you again this week, last week was really rushed and so I didnt have much time to tell much but here we are again with a beginning of a new week with new stories and miracles. First off I will let you know who my companion is, his name is Elder Ryan Moon from Pleasant Grove!! Right up the street, we didnt know each other before but he is a great missionary and I am excited to work with him! He has just been here a little longer than I have so we are both pretty new to the area and we have a good time with that. Stuttgart is so great though, I already love it. Our area is basically Stuttgart and we travel everyday in the city with the street trains, they are all over and so we can get anywhere with them and we are on them a lot. It is a great opportunity to talk with lots of people and share the gospel but just in a little amount of time. Its a little tricky in a short amount of time to have them open up but as you smile, show them genuine love and listen they will open up and you can bear testimony to them! Sometimes a little tough to know what to talk about but as you open your mouth and trust in the Lord that it will work out, all works out in the end! I love how this is the work of the Lord and he has called me here to Stuttgart at this time for a reason because who I am and the talents I can share with others. That can be with all of us in the places we are and the callings we have. He knows of perfectly and the people we work with and around and knows we can be a benefit for them and them for us. As we commit to the service of the Lord daily we will be blessed. 
This week we have had a couple exchanges, we had one with the Assistants and it was neat to learn from them but also know that they are missionaries as well and their calling makes them no better than other missionaries, we are all in the same service and it really comes down to our commitment to serve and do this wonderful work. Also another exchange with the International Elders here in Stuttgart. There is a military base here in Stuttgart and so there is a lot of Americans in that ward, it was a blast to interact with members during the exchange and fun to talk with them. Both wards here in Stuttgart meet at the same meeting house. We have church at 1o'clock in the afternoon which is a change but will be good. 
The ward is so great and big, Im excited to learn who they are all and help them in their missionary work, they are already so great and to follow up from last week with the member who gave us their son to go by on. Talk about a MIRACLE!! This week we went by, we arrive at the house and decided to pray before we ring. He comes to the door, we introduce ourselves and told him his mother asked if we could come by to introduce ourselves, at first he was a little hesitant but you could tell the Spirit was working within him. He decided to let us in and we got to talk with him! We didnt have lots of time so we made out an appointment for this week to really sit down and talk. There are the ones out there that are ready, if they know it or not, our purpose it to invite them to experience the joy and happiness we have had in the gospel. I am so grateful for a loving father in heaven and that he sent his son for us. I am grateful for this life and our journey to live according to his teachings and will so that we can have that peace in our lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us in every situation and that I know! Through the tough and the hard as we stay true to the Lord we will be blessed.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. 
Elder Jerman
ps here is my new address! 

Immenhofer Str. 39
Stuttgart 70180
Immenhofer Strasse 39 - Stuttgart, Germany  (missionaries live on the 3rd floor)

Monday, January 13, 2014


I love you and have so much to tell this week, lots have happened and I hope I can tell you all I can! I dont have much time but let us go through the week! 
Monday we had a appointment with a member and had some other members there as well, it was good. Tuesday we had zone training in Munich and came back for Ward Council. Wednesday we had a couple appointments with members and also did service from our investigator Frau Sherer. Throughout these days I hadnt started packing yet until Tuesday night but I did get everything ready and we went by to say our last goodbyes. Also something on Monday we get a call from President and said that the 3rd wont be coming and so it will just be those two in Rosenheim! Pretty crazy!! Thursday came and I was out of Rosenheim for the last time, it was crazy to drive out of there on train and remember all the great experiences there. A lot was learned and will be taken to the next step. A busy day on trains with missionaries all coming and going but finally got in that night and actually got picked up from a member in a Porsche! This city and ward is going to be great, I already know it! We went by on a less active that night. Friday we had a meeting with all the District leaders and also had a lesson with a new investigator at the YSA center, we showed him around and then had a great lesson. His name is Samuel and is such a cool guy. I think we will see some good progress with him! Saturday we played soccer at the church with a new convert that just was baptized on Monday here in Stuttgart, we played with some others and well and it was great! Sunday we had church at 1 in the afternoon which was way different, we have both a English and German ward here. We are in the German ward but also talked with some English members which was neat. After church I experience a way neat miracle, as I was introducing myself to members one came up to me and asked if we could go by her son this week who is not a member. She had a feeling come over her in sacrament meeting that now was the right time. Its so neat the many miracles and blessing we received as we do our part in being obedient and being diligence, blessings are given in many unseen ways! 
I know that God loves all his children and wants all of them to come back to him some day. Its only through the gospel of Jesus Chirst that we can make it back and how neat it is that we can share that message with all to help them come back to their father. I know as we recommit to serve the Lord daily we will be happy and share that joy with others in our service. It does more miracles than we can image! Sorry for having it short but not much time this week. I love you all so dearly and hope you have a great week! 
Much love, 
Elder Jason Jerman
Stuttgart Coat of Arms

First Stuttgart Coat of Arms in 1286

Monday, January 6, 2014

"I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord"

Small church, in a small village for the small town folk

Hey Family!!!
Happy 2014! Into the new year we go, great to hear about your holiday break and now back to school and work you go. Fun to hear about your great week and all the fun activities that youve done. We also started off the new year in flying colors and I am not joking about that one. For New Years Eve we had district meeting that morning and great to talk about our favorite scripture stories and relate it with everyones, it was actually really cool how they all related. That night we went to a members house for spend the time with them, play a few games and have a good time. We actually had the opportunity to be out till 12 and be with the family and celebrate the new year. New Years is one of the only times people can buy fireworks here and so do they ever get some fireworks! As the time came and went the whole town went off shooting fireworks, I couldnt believe it! There was so much and everywhere you looked there was smoke and bright colors in the sky! It was fun to be able to experience and then get home safe that night.
Wednesday we got a text from Rita wishing us a new year and also asking if we could come by and pick up some things we had given her for her baptism. She invited us in and we talked for a little while, she explained how she has found peace in her church and would not like further contact. It was pretty heart breaking to hear those words from her mouth as you look over the last few months and the great progress she had made. We bore testimony but you could tell she didnt want to expect it. I must say it was one of my hardest times of my mission, but I found strength and love that God loves everyone of his children and we must understand the great power of agency. That even when people dont expect the truth after they receive it is true we shouldn't like it discourage us because that will weaken our faith. We must trust in the Lord that they are now in his hands and as we pray and have hope for the future, it will work out in His time and His way.
Things are going well with Samra and Marius, we have met with both of them this week. Unfortunately we didnt get to start the stop smoking program with Marius because he left with family for the weekend for the new year. We will have to move his baptism back a few weeks but I know we will get him into the water! Samra is also doing well, I love going there and seeing her scriptures just filled of things marked and notes here and there. She really has gotten into the Book of Mormon, we just need to get her to church more often. She hasnt come for a while and now with the holidays over we can focus better on these people and also finding the ones prepared! We went by the less active family we spent Christmas with and we talk about their son who is 9 who is not baptized yet. There is great potential in this area to grow.
On the subject of this great area of Rosenheim I have some news that we received this week. So this past weekend was transfer calls which we get every 6 weeks. Elder Smith and I were thinking for sure we would stay another one together, one being his 1st little bit here and also you usually stay two together when training. But Saturday morning rolls around and we get an unexpected call from President Miles, he told us that Elder Smith will be staying here and actually be working with Elder Hoggan and one other Elder coming here. Rosenheim will have 3 Elders working all together, they will be busy and have some great work ahead of them. I am so excited for them and the great work they will do here. For me, president has asked me to pack my bags and head off to..... Stuttgart and be a Zone Leader there. We weren't expecting that at all and I didnt think I would be leaving so soon but I am so grateful and humble for this time I have had here in Rosenheim to learn and serve these people here. I know the work will go on and the success will move forward. My new assignment will be a great challenge but a great opportunity to serve the people of Stuttgart. Much faith and trust needed but I know the Lord prepares a way to be successful in all the he calls us to do. We are all called and no calling is greater than another, it is the same work and we are all involved. We are must trust in the Lord because he does in us. The gospel is the answer and path for all, as we live and stay on this path we will gain all we need to serve, and love others and help others return to our Heavenly Father.
I love my family and so grateful for you all! Have a great week as we start this new year!! Love you all.
Much love,
Elder Jerman
ps how was the snow? because we have none here, they have had to put snow on the mountains for skiers, they just do one trail and so its no snow on the sides but fun to see!  We have seem some people with snowboards and skies on trains and just the other night coming back on train we saw a hilll lighted up and people going down! There is no snow on the ground and we are wearing just our white shirts today! its actually not cold at all! We left our apartment this morning with no coat on! Just our white shirts and tie! The sun is shinning 
Thanks for the wishes for the new year and same to you! We really are a blessed family more than we will ever know. Being here I have been humbled to see families in many different situations from moving to a new country and having no job, not much money and not even knowing the language, its neat to see the unity in the family and how important that is. I am so thankful for my family and will ever be grateful for it. 

For me, well I have received a new calling of being zone leader and its great to be at the beginning of this year and taking on this assisgnment. I want to serve the missionaries I have the opportunity to serve and love and learn from them, I want to be an example of Christ that will bring light into their lives and work as a missionary and help them be lifted. It is a great calling but I know with the Lord it is possible.
 Elder Jerman and Elder Smith (using the camera timer) walking up a hill with forest on our sides