Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Today is the day!  Everyone was home for the holiday so we had all day to get ready.  The boys brought in the ladder and hung up Jason's snowflakes all over our family room ceiling.  The girls made yellow posters.  Roger borrowed a banner and we printed Elder Jerman's name to put on it.

 We also borrowed a Christmas light sign and changed it to say,  "Elder Jerman".
 We bought yellow balloons and yellow ribbons and a few yellow t-shirts so we could all be in yellow.
So many hours!  Finally, we loaded the car at 5:00 to head to the airport.

 The Crew is all here

 Ready and

 waiting and
waiting until . . . we finally see him!
 Yippee! but it is a long wait just to get him down the escalator!

 and loves.
 Oh, he looks so great!!!  He is home!
 Brothers again
 and all the sisters.
 Mom and Dad so glad to have their boy home.

All together again.  What a Happy Reunion!

 Granny and Granddad treated us all to dinner at The Black Bear Diner.
 Then we traveled home.  Welcome Home Elder Jerman!
 and again in German.

 Finally home!
 Yup, there are your snowflakes
 and Amy made you cupcakes to look like the German flag.
He was so excited to show us his German hat!

and he wondered if we could tell from the bottom of his shoes, which side he carried his shoulder bag on.

So tired after 18 hours of traveling today and it would now be his 6:30 in the morning back in Germany, so he has been awake for 24 hours.  He wasn't sick a day on his mission but lost his lunch at the Atlanta airport.  Time to let our missionary go to bed.  He is still an Elder and made it to bed by 10:30 p.m.  Even his 13 year old "companion" brother went with him while the other kids stayed up to play games and bang pans outside to bring in the new year.  Oh, Happy New Year!!!!!


Elder Jerman experienced one more miracle before leaving his mission.  During the week of Christmas, he and he two companions tried to visit all the lonely and less actives that the Relief Society president had listed for them to go by on.  They still had one name they had not been able to see.  As they left their apartment early to head to the train station, they actually found her out walking her dog!  They visited with her and she invited the other 2 elders to come back to visit her again.  Wow - everything on his list was now completed and he could come home a faithful and satisfied missionary.
Elder Adam and Elder Hancey met us at the Train Station in Vienna to say Good Bye.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi

Last Sunday in the Field
Liebe Familie,
Well, this is it. I dont know what to say, a mission is all I have known the last two years and this next week it will all be over and I will be coming home. I cant quite figure out what I am feeling or if I am even feeling any different because today I am still a missionary doing missionary things, what I have been used to and what I have loved. Life moves on and its an exciting time and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve a mission, to serve others and the Lord. Whats neat is that the service will not end, when I come on there will still be many opportunities to serve my brothers and sisters no matter who they are or where they are from. Its a part of life, its what Christ did and its his invitation to follow him not only for 2 years or 1 1\2 but for all entire lives and I am grateful for learning that the past 2 years. 
It was a great last week and one I will never forget, especially being Christmas and not for me but for others. Being with 2 others, being in Vienna and having it finally snow the past two days, its been great and I love the Lords work. I have really come to found out that its about others. Everything we do is about caring and loving others. That is everything Christ did, he did it for us, all of us. Its been neat to get lost in the work and think of others and how we can serve and help them understand and believe its Gods great plan for us. I have learned that through the small experience of having a conversation and making someone days as we leave, or sharing this message of hope and giving them a wrapped up Book of Mormon and seeing a smile on their face. It truly is through small and simple works that this great work comes to be. Every soul is precious to God and the work gets done one by one. Its been such a special Christmas, at the beginning of the week we got a list from the Relief Society President of members who would be along this Christmas or would enjoy visit. As we went throughout our week we planned in our days to go by these people and help them have a memorable Christmas. On Christmas Eve we had a neat miracle of going by a member (an older single lady in the ward) We had just came from an appointment and traveled to her place. She lives quite far away and up in the hills on the outer part of Vienna and there is only one bus that goes up there. We got to the bus stop and found out it only comes once an hour and it came 2 minutes later. We went up and visited her and then knew when the bus was coming back and caught it just in time. We sang with her and just visited and she was very appreciative of it. I know that God help time that perfectly, it couldnt have been better. Those that need it, if the desire is there and we ask for his help in our service, miracles will happen. Over all just visiting these people that needed it was so special and having things work out perfectly for them to enjoy Christmas and mostly enjoy Christ..
I would like to end with a Christmas miracle as we were going about in our service. It was on Christmas day and we were at the Vienna main train station. We were looking for a grocery store that would be open because the member we were visiting for lunch needed a few items. We couldnt find anything open, being Christmas day, but we decided to ask around a little bit. We asked this guy and found out quickly he wasnt from Vienna rather from America. We connected right off and fun to talk with him, we find out that he had bought a one way ticket to Europe as he was wanting to find out some questions in life. He recognized us because just a few days earlier he was in Slovakia and two missionaries showed him the "He is the Gift" film. And now he had his 2nd chance meeting us in Vienna, I think God was answering his pray by sending missionaries to him in two different countries. Especially being Europe and not having many opportunities. We exchanged info and set out to meet again on Saturday. Well he came and we sat down, gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about his questions and concerns. He wants to belong to somewhere, be a part of something and feel loved. I know this is the place for him, this is the place for everyone. I know the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth today. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and President Monson leads us today. I know Christ lives and I know he is my Redeemer. Because of him so much is possible and he is inviting us to come to him. My time as a full time missionary is just about over but I know that my time as a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ has just begone and will continue into the eternity. I have loved my mission and grateful for it, I love you and I love my brothers and sisters, all of them and am humbled to serve on as life goes on. 

Liebe Grüße.
Elder Jason Jerman
Elder Monson, Elder Jerman and Elder Worthen -a "Drit"
Good-bye Austria, Germany, the people, members, companions and missionaries. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Frohe Weihnachten! (Merry Christmas)

Liebe Familie!!
Great to hear this Christmas season is going well for everyone. We are
enjoying it very much so in Vienna, and I am personally grateful to be
serving at this special season and helping others have a special time
where they grow closer to their Savior and Redeemer. We have some
unexpected news that are going to make things exciting this next week.
We got a call on Saturday night from the Mission President and you
know when he calls, something fishy is up. We find out that Elder
Anderson will be leaving on a emergy transfer to go fill in for
someone that left. Well we just came from the train station as we sent
him off this morning! So this next week it will be 3 of us spreading
the wonderful message at this Christmas time. It will be great,
different for sure, but we will love every moment of it!
We had a great week, and the Christmas Spirit is in the air, there
might be lots of stress and such in the air as well but we are doing
our best in helping others remember the true meaning of Christmas and
we have had some neat experience with those we meet but also with
members. We were with a new convert of about a year on Monday night
and we had a good talk about standing up for what we believe as she
was at a Christmas party with alcohol for work and had her friend
making fun of her. Its hard and it takes courage and strength and help
from the Lord but we can withstand it as we let his power be apart of
our lives. He wants us to take part of it and we need to accept and
use it. We helped another member with some service this last week, he
is building an appartment and at the end he got us together and said,
"We are brothers of our loving Heavenly Father but I can also call
your friends" as he then explained to us his work and problems he has.
Neat to be there for him and lift him as he is weak, and that is what
Christ is for, to lift our burdens. We can try to carry them alone but
it will be a hard and long journey throughout life, let him help.
Another was on Saturday when we helped some members clean the church
and afterwards I had the idea to show them the short "He is the Gift"
video as I had read from another missionary sharing a message with
them after cleaning the church so we sat down and watch it and at the
end it had them in tears and we had a great discussion. There are so
many lives we can touch and brighten, most things we can do our small
and simple but I know each effort is worth it in making someone else
have a special Christmas time and that is accomplished as we discover,
embrace and share the gift of Christ.
I love this work and so grateful at this time of year to share it, I
have come to appreciate the opportunity we have as missionaries to
teach those we meet on the street, trains, buses and so on. It might
just be one time but I have had many neat experience throughout my
time on a mission of giving testimony of Christ no matter if in a
lesson or on a cold windy street in a small town in Barveria that it
counts as we are all children of God and everyone needs the gospel. We
might not see much success with those we meet once but I know they are
in Gods hands and at their right time will accept it. I am grateful
for the capibility to work diligently in all we do. To do many good
things out of our own free will. As we work we are happy and then we
can make others happy which just makes it all the more better. Thats
one thing I have learned that I dont want to forget about in life,
diligent work brings great joy and happiness and as we are grateful
for it we will see the blessings both us and others receive having us
then desire to serve the Lord with more willingness.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week and that you make it
special for someone else whether family, friend or stranger. We are
all one big family that need each other. I love you and wish the best
for you!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Gift

At one of the main train stations in Vienna, so neat that they have the nativity up! 
Hey Family!! 
Great to hear from you and know that all is well, especially at this wonderful time of year. There is not a better time to be a missionary and I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord every day. I will be a missionary up to the day I get released and I have learned of the importance of diligence work no matter how long or how much experience you have as a missionary. I have the same calling now than I did at the beginning and I have the same goal today as yesterday. Its been to be able to fulfill that goal daily as we diligently work in His vineyard. We had a couple neat experience that showed me the importance of that this week. The first was Thursday when we were in Salzburg for our Zone Christmas Conference, we had finished and arrived back at the train station to head back to Vienna and we had just missed our train going back and the next one wasnt coming for about an hour. So there we were, a bunch of missionaries at the train station and I wanted to do something, we didnt have our hymn books on us to carol, so we went out on the streets of Salzburg to contact. There was lots of missionaries and I worked with Elder Seamons who is in my zone right now. Its was neat to work with him again and talk with those about this special time just coming from a spiritual high, the neat thing was that we found someone who lives in our area back in Vienna! The Lord is preparing many and they are everywhere, its neat to find those and have the Lord put them in our paths or theirs in ours as we work diligently. Another experience was after our Ward Christmas Party, we still had a half an hour that night before coming home, it was cold and dark but we decided to go contacting and on the way we found a great young man who seemed very interested and accepted the Book of Mormon. As we work, we are filled with the Spirit and as we follow the Spirit we are happy as many wonderful miracles happen with the power of God. 
As you can see, we had many activities this week and they were all so good. The day before the conference we had an exchange with the other elders and neat to work with a younger missionary and let him lead in his area for the first time. We are all on the right path, some further than others but neat to be there for one another and help each other further along the path. The Thursday morning we woke up and traveled off to Salzburg and had our conference and then that night traveled back, so it was a full day but the conference was so great. Such an uplifting, spiritual time, being overwhelmed with the Spirit. We had a special surprise as President Kohler talk with us and then said we are going to watch "Meet the Mormons"! So we got to watch that and great to see how the gospel has helped all those individuals and families in their lives. The gospel was the center of what they did, and as they followed the gospel, (mainly following Christ) they were filled with joy as they served others. Something we can all do, our little part counts just like theirs does. Our ward party was also a success as we had many members there as well as a few less actives and investigators that came and got to know the ward better. 
Met with Frau Sulzenbacher and its neat to see her progression increase as she gets more serious into keeping her commitments we give her. She is reading and praying daily and you can tell a difference as she does so, now we just need to keep going and make that next step to church, but step by step we all can grow faith that will lead up to us doing the will of the Lord. 
I want to share something with you at this special time of year, we learned at the conference that the church is making an extra effort to help us all make this Christmas season special in remembering the true meaning of Christmas, namely Jesus Christ. He is the first gift that God gave us all and we are to discover, embrace and share the gift. A goal that I made for this time to help me learn of my Savior and strengthen my relationship with him is that everyday I pick a scripture about Christ and then write my thoughts down about it and then throughout the day I share it with someone we meet or in a lesson and share my testimony of my Savior. Its been a really neat experience, especially to see the Lords help in having me achieve it daily, as I am prompted by the Spirit to share it at times I wouldn't think but then having it work out. I would like to share my scripture for today with you. "And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen." 2 Nehpi 31:21 I know Christ is the way, I know it is through him that we all can return to God, what a marvelous gift that God has given us. Let us all share it with others at this wonderful time of year. I love you and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jason Jerman
Fun group, all that served in Stuttgart and now in Austria. At our Christmas conference.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wonderful time of year

Hey Family!! 
Great to hear all is well at the beginning of this Christmas season. It has started off well here as well. Its a great time of year and I am so grateful to serve and give the gift of Christ everyday. I love learning more about Him and then giving testimony. I have been reading in 3 Nehphi this past week and to read of his ministry and how he treated those people. I love my Savior and so happy to be here with these people helping them found out what a great gift he is! We had a neat opportunity to do so, it was truly a miracle and I know that God watches out for all his children. So we get a callWednesday night from a member seeing if we could help do some service Friday morning with someone they didnt know but had received a call from a missionary couple in Bulgaria. We went over Friday to help not knowing what to expect, and right before getting there the thought came to mind, we should have brought a book in Bulgarian. The service went great, we helped them move out, and we found out that the dad, his friends cousin is a Mormon and knows him pretty well. So there was already a good connection, at the end we asked him if he wanted to learn more, of course he asked for a Book of Mormon! Luckily they were staying until that night before going back to Bulgaria so we had the opportunity to go back later that day and give him the book and explain it a little with his broken German. It was so neat that we could serve in more than one way and help him and his family further along their path, no matter where they are from, we are all children of God who need the gospel.
We had some neat appointments this week with some new friends of the church. I love being in an area for a good amount of time, its so neat to see how it takes time and the steps of finally meeting up with someone. First they are found and information is exchanged then you try and call and set something up, it doesnt always work out, weeks might past but you dont let them slip through any cracks, and then to finally meet up is something special and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn patience and know that everything has its time and God has his will. We met with a man who has a family! He is from Romania and is German is coming along. At the time we met him about 2 months ago he had just found a religion and he explained to us how it change his life for him and his family. He wasnt religious at all before and we know this is a preparation for him as God is preparing him, he is open to read in the Book of Mormon and it might take some time but it was neat to be with him and his family. Also on the note of being here in Vienna for some time now, we were contacting and got out of a bus and a less active member did as well, I havent seen him for a good 4 months or so but so cool to recognize each other and at the end hug good bye. We invited him to the Christmas party and hopefully he can make it! Also just today, bumped into an old investigator that we lost contact with. I am grateful to be in Vienna and help some have a 2nd chance! 
Our appointment with Frau Sulzenbacher this week was really good! I feel she is really making progress now, before it was very slim and kind of hard to till but as we have been bold and helped her see the importance of reading and praying daily and then having her actually do it, it has made a big difference and I know she is blessed for it. She still has a way to go but step by step she is getting there! I cant emphasize enough the importance of the basic in this true church. God doesnt want it to be confusing or hard to do the things he has asked. As we focus on whats most important and do it daily we will truly be blessed in many ways, one coming closer to Him and his Son Jesus Christ, growing faith to following those things expected from us. I love the simplicity of the gospel and know that is is true! 
I love my family, each and everyone of you. I hope you have a great week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Monday, December 1, 2014

Daily Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal on Monday in Vienna
December 1, 2014

Daily Thanksgiving

Hey Family!! 
Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving, spending time with the family and giving much thanks. As well as eating lots of good American Thanksgiving food, oh I miss that but last Monday we pulled off a pretty darn good Thanksgiving feast with the other missionaries. On Thanksgiving day we didnt have a real Thanksgiving meal, but we did have a spiritual feast as it turned into a really neat day where we could give much thanks. So let me explain, last week we met a man from Spain who didnt have the best of German but we communicated with him enough to know that he was interested and wanted us to come back and give him a Book of Mormon in Spanish. We had no set appointment with him but decided to go on Thursday and bring along a couple in our ward who speaks Spanish. Remember no appointment was set out but we went with him to his house and he said Hola through the speaking box and I said Hola back and then something else in Spanish and the couple said he was coming down to get us. We went in and had the couple explain the Book of Mormon and give their testimonies as they are both converts of about two years. I am grateful that they had the chance to share their testimonies with him, and there was a special spirit in the room even though we didnt catch everything going on. Then later that night met with Frau Sulzenbacher who is doing well and making good progress. 
This was a great week and many things to be grateful for. I went on an exchange with an Elder in the district and we were in his area. At the beginning we had the goal to recognize the miracles that happened throughout the exchange and it was so neat to see the small miracles one after another happen. Even that of talking with a man on the street on a bike that didnt believe in God but we gave him a pamphlet and he put it in his bike and rode off and thinking nothing of it and then later during the day we were in another part of the area and he rides by on his bike with the pamphlet in his bike bucket!! I think God was trying to give some hints that he is real and he loves him and he wants him to know that! We also went by a less active that let us in and we met with him, shared a message and the other Elders will go back and help with some service in his apartment. As we recognize the small miracles that happen everyday, because they do happen, we will be filled with the joy and love that God has for us and his children. 
We had a really fun weekend as we got to help out at the Annual International Bazaar here in Vienna. Its a fundraiser they do every year and the missionaries have helped before and we did again this year. Friday we helped set things up and then Saturday it happened. It was so neat! There was representatives from all over the world and they all had their stands with unique things they were selling. Also many sorts of food as well, it was fun to be there for lunch and go around seeing all the different options for lunch, we finally decided with Pakistanian food. The best was helping out and serving, we were stationed at the charity shop, it was similar to a flee shop and we sold things and fun to bargain with people and just serve. Also to see and talk with people around the whole world! It brought up some good conversations about the church and even one about family history. Great to wear Christs name where ever we go or what ever we are doing to represent him and his gospel. Then right after we went to a baptism in our district, we were running a little late but it worked out perfect because one of their investigators was also late and was sitting outside sad that she was late and didnt want to go in anymore. We talked with her and then went together to the baptism. As we serve the Lord makes up for the rest and make things come together. I am grateful that I can serve Him and His children, especially at this time of year. What a great gift to give, the gift of service! 
I love my family and I am so thankful for you and wish you a very safe and happy week!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Elder Anderson and I at the Schönbrunn Christmas Markt.
 Today at the Schönbrunn Christmas Markt.

Monday, November 24, 2014

You are trusted

The Rathaus Christkindl markt. 

Hey Family!!
The winter has began in Vienna, the cold has hit but there will probably be no snow for a while, well that is what they say at least. They dont get snow until Jan. or Feb. so we can hope for a white Christmas but most likely not. Actually it is planned to be white for the other two Elders here in our ward! They have been working with a referral that a missionary outside of Vienna but lives here, he has been looking for the truth for 20 years and the truth found him! His name is Johann and its great to be in this work together and rejoice from the success of others! This week was on an exchange with the zone leaders who is also working with an investigator preparing for baptism. I was suppose to have a baptismal interview with her but her husband wasnt for it, even though he has now been a member for about a year. We had a lesson with them the night before but they didnt come to the interview, we will hope it will all work out and it will in the Lords time and way. Something neat about the exchange as well is that we taught another investigator of theirs who is making great progress and really like to study the doctrine really well, she had just read Lehis Vision and had some questions about it, I pulled out my picture book I had and we discussed it and at the end in her pray she thanked God that she could better understand the vision with the picture that helped. I am so grateful for the many different tools we have to help people learn and understand the gospel. Its so simple and its so true! 
Things with Daniel are going really well, I told you last week that we were planning to go to FHE and we did make it there with him. At the beginning it was going okay and he met a few people but then someone asked him what he was studying and he told him and the YSA sitting across from him, perked up and said hey that is what I am studying too! And then what happened after that is history! They went off and it was so so good to have him make that connection and get involved with the YSA! He is a great guy and I am glad we have so many opportunities to help him and others! Isnt the restored gospel awesome!? 
We met with a new less active we came in contact with. It was kind of neat how it all worked out, we went by the first time and she said we could come back another time in the morning we she had no time. So we tried other day in the morning and she had something going that day, so we asked for her number at got that and called a few days later, made out an appointment and finally met this last week! Sounds like a lot but it was worth it and it all worked out! She was very open and willing to talk, it takes steps and the first one has been made and we invited her to take the next which she has to do on her own, that is making that effort to read and pray to regain that belief she once had. It was great and I am glad we could meet with her, we also helped a less active family with some service, they are so key and we need to keep working with all and not let it fall back the way it was before. The Lord gives us all many opportunities to serve and help others, but that is only the beginning. There is always the next step that can be made to help them along their path, whether it be their first time or if they are returning. He trusts us all and wants us to serve his precious children, to help them understand the importance of what is right in front of them and what they are missing out on. We are the ones that can be that help, he knows we can do it and as we pray for his help and strength he will do what is necessary but leave us up to the job! And we can achieve it as he doesnt give us anything we can not accomplish! 
I love my family and so grateful for you all, what a great time of year to be thankful. I am thankful for a loving God, his son Jesus Christ and the for the restored gospel which brings eternal joy in this life. Have a wonderful thankful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

We had a Thanksgiving fest with the missionaries in Vienna 
p.s. Hey one fun thing, this last week I met a Lloyd Stiles, you will have to talk with the Hundleys about him. He was trained by their son (Corey) in the Holland mission. He lives in Vienna and is in the 2nd ward! Kind of fun to make that connection! 
Love you,
 Elder Anderson and I brought the sugared carrots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

from Sister Adam

Jason mentioned going out on an exchange with an Elder from Alpine.  I had just met a Sister Adam from Alpine a week ago at our Alpine Missionary Mom lunch.  She said her son had just arrived in the mission field so I asked her if this was her son.  This was her reply.

"Yes, that is my missionary! He wrote that he had his first companion exchange and that his exchange was with the district leaders. He went with your son and his companion. He said, they spent most of the day street contacting. He also said "Elder Jerman is a finding machine. He will talk to everyone that walks by him. One day, when I can speak the language better, I hope I can find as good as him." He also said that he got some practice talking to people and that it was a great day!"

How awesome is that!?!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!

Birthday decor in the apartment.

Hey family!! 
Great to hear from all of you and thanks once more for the many birthday wishes. I am glad you had a great birthday as well, mom. This whole week as been great, full of missionary work, nothing better! Its great to have a few birthdays on a mission and I know I will never forget these ones. In the morning for morning sport, Elder Worthen and I ran to Schönbrunnpalace which was a great way to start the day. We did studies and then had a lunch appointment with an investigator, it was with Felix and we got to teach him as well, a perfect combination. We had some neat experiences as we had some contacting time and what better for a gift than to give others the gospel. It is a humbling experience and it made it extra special as I got to help other people have a special day, that is truly what made it a great day. We gave out a few Books of Mormon, those people that were prepared and received their chance and accepted the gospel. It is so neat and I am grateful to do that everyday! Happy Birthday to you as well mom, I am so honored to share the same week with you and we also had a great day on Friday as we help an investigator with some service as he is moving in and we carried multiple things for him and then sat down with him and talked about the Book of Mormon. That is the ultimate perfect combo where you get to give both physical and spiritual help! :) 
For the rest of the week, it was great as well as we met multiple people and had some neat miracles, I wish I had the time and space to tell them all but that will have to wait for another time. A few experience though, is that it is going really good with Daniel, we met this week and we set out for this next week to go to FHE with him and then one more time meeting with him throughout the week so we have more contact and he can be progressing more. We had an exchange this last week and I got to work with a brand new missionary out for 3 weeks, he is from Alpine and we had a great day. We were going to go by a member to just give them a note to thank them and let them know that we love and appreciate them. We contacted along the way and it was time to go home but I thought we could still have enough to go by none the less. We did it and on the way back we met on the street a less active member. It was neat to see as we serve our members and others, God puts in our paths those that also needs to be served. I love to serve! We met a neat guy this week originally form the Caribbean but has lived here for some time but also lived in Florida. He has a family here and is concerned for them and wants them to grow up happy. There are so many people to be reached and I am glad for the opportunity to meeting so many different people and knowing that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help them all no matter their situation or concern. 
We have got to run so thats it for today, but life is good, my birthday was another great day doing missionary work which I love, and I am grateful to serve God and his children. We are so blessed to live at this time and have the restored truth at our finger tips and to grow our personal testimonies of the truth. I know God lives and loves everyone of us. Have a great week and I love you all! 

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Jason is 21!  Great day in Vienna!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Way for Everyone

The 4 of us at Schönbrunn today with great weather!! :)
Hope all is well, it sure sounds like all is well and thats great to
hear. All is well in Vienna even the weather is staying on the sunning
side! Today we visited Schönbrunn without a jacket and the sun was
shinning bright! Its kind of neat living in such a neat place! I love
Vienna! Hey some fun news from Stuttgart if you remember Liliana, she
has a baptismal date for the beginning of the year! Fun to hear the
work moves on and no effort is wasted. Yesterday at church we had a
lesson on planting those seeds and not loosing hope if you personally
dont see a lot happen. Agency plays a big role and we can only control
our own and how we diligently work in the Lords vineyard. I am
grateful for the time to work in this part of the vineyard.
Felix is doing well and making good progression, we just need to get
him to church. Its a little hard because he has a fear of many people
and also his diabieties. He is a great guy though and understands the
gospel really well, we had a lesson with him where we read a little in
the Book of Mormon and then discussed the Restoration and by the end
of that he had recognized the Spirit really strong and its so neat the
Spirit that comes as we share our special message of the truth being
restored. Our friend Daniel is also coming along and I am always so
impressed with him. He is only a 20 year old Austrian but is so wise
and knows what is important in life which sadly to say is not the norm
here. We are truly blessed to teach them but at the same time learn
just as much from them and their example. Daniel mentioned not
doubting makes it a lot easier to believe and he truly has a gift of
This last week we also came in contact with this great family. The
Elders in St. Pölten (Elder Andersons old area and actually where
Elder Seamons is right now) contacted a family on the street and they
lived in our area here in Vienna. We went by and they invited us very
friendly to come in. It is a dad and his two kids who are from Syria
and have been here about a year and a half. The kids can speak really
good German but the father not so much so we translate through them
but they are very open to all. We will be helping him learn German but
also he is interested in our message. He had a Muslim background but
was a hard worker and never had time to really learn about it so they
are open to learn and understand the gospel. It was neat as we
explained prayer and they said they wanted to learn. Its cool as well
as the kids are apart of it as they translate, that they can also be
learning (10 year old son and 14 year old daughter). The Lord is
preparing a way for all his children to hear and understand the gospel
and they have gone through a humbling experience to have them open to
listen. Every person is a percious child of God and all need what he
wants to share with them so they can return to his presence. The
gospel is true and the work keeps moving forward.
I love my family and know the gospel has played a great role in our
life. I share this joy we have experienced with others every day. That
is a reason why I am here to have this joy we have experienced to
share it and help others know how they can also enjoy it. All is made
possilbe through Jesus Christ and his gospel.
Have a great week and especially you mom! I love you all and Happy Birthday!!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
With my new companion, Elder Anderson, in Vienna

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Train Send Offs

Below are videos of some missionaries in Austria on Transfer Day.

Watch as the missionaries skip, then run along side the departing train as they say good-bye to companions being transferred.  Listen to the "singing train" sound as the train picks up speed and just imagine the emotions.

Click here

Here is another one to watch from inside the train.  Elder Worthen tries to outrun the train.