Monday, October 28, 2013

Der Herbst

Dont you just love this time of year? It just makes me so happy and maybe just because we have had some really great weather this last week but its a great time of year. We have had sunny days pretty much every day this last week which has been nice and the sunshine goes right to my heart and warms me! Love it! The colors are also way pretty as we take a train to different parts of our area and see the mountains and colors of the trees. But on that note we did really have a good week and more than just having good weather we also had some great appointments and lessons. We start off Tuesday with an unexpected exchange that we did with the other two Elders here. It wasnt planned but that morning we decided to do it and it turned out very well. We were coming back after visiting a referral that wasnt home and had a little time in a city to door and on our 2nd door we come up the path and two younger people are on lawn chairs enjoying the sun and we asked if they had any interest listening to our message and they look at each other and then said yes! So we gave them a small message and shared a Book of Mormon with them! That never happens that someone wants to listen especially young people!! We had our German class that night and since we were on our exchange both us didnt have keys to the church it was the other two so we had our first 10 minutes of class in front of the church. Good thing we had good weather this week! We had a appointment this week with an investigator we lost contact with for the last month and so it was good to meet with him again and we had a member with us so that was good to start a relationship there. He said he enjoyed the feeling in the church and it felt like home (had the lesson there) but not planning on changing his ways anytime soon. So important for these people to realize these feelings and know where its coming from because many do have these great feeling but either dont know what it is or just shrug it off. We all feel the Spirit differently and he teaches us in many ways and we must realize that for ourselves as we do those 3 things where the Spirit can be with us most. Study, prayer, and church! We sometimes underestimate the importance of these fundamental but key to conversion these 3 things are!  We had another lesson with our investigator Rita who is one we are working hard with to help her understand and have those spiritual experiences for herself. She came to church yesterday as long as a less active family that we are helping to reactivate! So it was a great time at church yesterday. We are seeing the blessings of the Lord as we keep on going and never give up. Those promises are there and we learn lots from the Book of Mormon of the promises the Lord made for those people. We too have made promises with the Lord and as we keep our side he is ready and willing to keep his side! The blessings are in store!
Two neat experiences this week, both on the train and both coming back from the same city (just different days) We go to Traunstein quite a bit and so it gives us a good opportunity to speak with people there. Now we cant contact on trains but only start up a conversation and hope it turns to the gospel. One night coming back we were sitting crossed from a lady that had also got on where we did and I had the feeling we needed to talk to her. I kind of ignored it for a little while and thought it was nothing new because that seems to always be my thoughts. Then I thought again that she needs something that we have. So I finally humbled myself and asked her where she was going. We started talking and found out that she was just coming from her brothers house that had passed away this last week. It was so neat to tell her about what we know to be true about life after death and to share scriptures with her that gave her comfort. Its so neat to always be learning in how the Spirit speaks with us and how its usually through those small but good thoughts. All good things come from God so we shouldnt worry when it comes to doing something good! There are many of Gods children in time of need and so neat to know he can put them in our path in the time they need it most and to have the gospel which can heal any wound. The other experience happened last night coming back on the train and this time we made a stop and a group of people came in the train and a woman passed by and said, "hey its the missionaries!" oh man I knew this train ride was going to be a good one. It was a mom and her son from the states but so fun to talk with members from American which rarely happens and to get hear about missionary work being done around the world. This work is moving forward and we are all apart of it!
Love you all so very much and have a Happy Halloween.
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Exhibit of Alexander the Great with Elder Jerman the Small (look closely)

In response to some of our questions, he also wrote: 
What did you do today for P-day?  Its been a fun pday as this morning Elder Hoggan and I went to a museum type thing. Well it was a specity for a couple of months and so we went today! It was on Alexander the Great. Always fun to do something like that which I enjoy! Here is a photo from it! Its a little hard to see me as we had to get the whole thing but Im there if you can zoom in or something. and then another photo of elder Seamons and I in munich in the inner city, . and then the beautiful colors on a train ride as we were going to a city.
Fall colors out the train window
What about Halloween in Germany?  yes they do have it here in Germany but it is not as big as in American and its more on the scary side and not the fun dress up as princess and go get candy which is too bad but they have it just not so big and not near the many decarations and such.   I always loved dressing up even if I was older but still having fun.  so glad america knows how to make it fun!   oktober has gone way quick just like every month so crazy how time goes but you keep living and going with a smile on your face.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Elder Hoggan from Smithfield

Grandpa and Grandma called to share their fun discovery.  When they read your last letter about an Elder Hoggan from Smithfiled, they wondered if he was related to their friends Brent and Laconna Hoggan.  Grandpa met him after his mission at USU and they have stayed in touch over the years, so they called and told them they had a grandson serving in the Alpine mission.  The Hoggans said they did also!  So, you and Elder Hoggans grandpas went to USU together and are friends!  Plus, Uncle Rolfe served as the Logan temple president a few years back and Brother Hoggan was his councilor for those 3 years, so he knows Uncle Rolfe really well.  Also, Elder Hoggan went to Skyview high school near aunt Cami's house.  His older cousin (named after grandma Laconna) is Conna Hoggan and is good friends with Courtney King.  Like over at her house a lot and once she was there when Grandma was there and when she met her, she knew who her grandmother must be because of her name.  Courtney is probably 4 years older than Elder Hoggan so he probably doesn't know her.  Anyway, Grandpa and Grandma had a ton of fun talking to his grandparents and figuring this all out!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Note from a member in Munich

This mission really is on fire! Almost our whole stake conference was about missionary work. Sister Miles led the missionary choir in such a beautiful rendition of "Called to Serve" that we, as a congregation, couldn't help but join in! Thank you to all of you parents who have sent your sons and daughters here! We love them so much!
                 - Jennifer Brown Sneddon  -  posted on the Facebook page for Alpine Missionary Moms.
Missionaries near Munich sing in Stake Conference.  Elder Jerman is between the last two ladies on the right of the front row.

Monday, October 21, 2013

What a beautiful day!

Pictures today!
Also a reply to a couple of our questions.  -  The work is coming good, slowly but good. I have come to find the importance of the small little things that might not seem like much but that we can do and then leave up to God to work with the ones we impacted. I find much joy in the little things is what keeps me going since we dont see much big success but we keep pressing forward and realize all the miracles we do see. The fall is pretty here and we also have had a very warm and sunny last few days which has been nice. not a lot of changing colors, a little bit but a lot is still green and beautiful that way.
Elder Jerman in Munich for Stake Conference

My wonderful family!
Its a great time to be alive and breathing the fresh air no matter where we are in the world. Today I feel very blessed and grateful. We are apart of a time that is like none other in to have the gospel of Jesus Christ to lead and direct our lives is a wonderful thing. We see miracles daily no matter how small or how simple. We have a living father in Heaven who loves us and blesses as we try our best in living a life and how neat to learn daily from prayer and the scriptures from his plan for us and our brother and sisters around us. I have a little bit more time this week as last week was crazy having very little time to write but I am just glad we could hear from another. Sounds like everyone is doing well and staying busy and happy as life moves on. What a great blessing that is. Today we will be heading to Munich a little later on to have Interviews with President Miles,  and we had a great weekend in Munich as we had Stake Conference. Saturday we got to go the the evening meeting for the adults and then Sunday we had the Conference in a rented out Theater place which was neat. So fun to be with the other missionaries as we got to partake in the Conference and sing "Called to Serve" which was powerful and spiritual. Also exciting to meet members from around the stake and talk with them. On Saturday night I was talking with a African Brother who in the last couple months has become a member and so neat to speak with him and feel his excitement. Then another lady came up and asked if he was from Benin, he said no but I piped up and said, Hey I know Benin, my brother served there. She told me she has a friend there and it was neat to make a little connection in the world with each other. A great weekend to spend time with missionaries and members here in Munich.
Here in Rosenheim we received a new Elder, its the other companionship but its fun to have a new Elder here and get to know him. Elder Hoggan is the name from Smithfield Utah. That puts me now at being the oldest missionary in our apartment. I dont even feel that old on my mission but it will be neat to all work together to help this area out here in Bayern. Our work is coming along as we have had some good finding time this week and have found some interested people. I know the Lord had prepared the ones that are searching and so I love going out and talking with people and try to help people realize that. Its not easy and many dont want to listen but its neat to be part of this work that no matter what happens you can be doing something of importance. Just yesterday coming back from Munich we just missed our train going back to Rosenheim so we had an hour in Munich, I was excited to go out and try and help the world be a little better if I could. No one was listening to us and didnt have the time but we keep going and came up to a lady who had some mercy and decided to stay and listen. She said she likes to read and we went right to the Book of Mormon, heck ya you better believe we have something for you to read and it can change you for the best. We gave her to book and look at the time and we had to run back to the train station to catch our next train but I say that was a miracle that we could find someone who would listen and even if we had to run back we did our part and helped the world just in our little way with just one person but I know she matters to God and he loves her so glad I could help her out. We had a similar experience dooring one night with nothing and yes even a couple doors close right away but we did find the one the Lord had prepared for us. We explained to him the Book of Mormon and he took it and said he will read it. It might have just been one man but it was the one God wanted us to help. I sure do hope now that we have found them that they will act upon the truth and want to meet with us again. We cant measure success though on the things we cant control just on the things we can. We will do our best to help them recognize this great blessing of the gospel and of the Book of Mormon. The scriptures really can teach us so much along with prayers and I hope we all do find the time everyday for them in our busy lives to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ which is what we need 1st. I love you all and am grateful for you.
Have a beautiful day and week!
Love, Elder Jerman

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frankfurt Mission Transfers

This isn't Jason's mission, but it is fun to see several missionaries from the American Fork area.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Short on time

Hey Family!
I dont have a lot of time today. We were at a members house this afternoon and then as we came to do emails there wasnt any places open as there is only one internet cafe here in Rosenheim. And so the other Elders went first as I went of with Elder Bassett who is actually leaving Rosenheim this next week. But we walked around the city and had a good time. We visited a Catholic church which was fun to walk in and see the old building. Its been a great week though. We got transfer calls and Elder Seamons and I are staying together here in Rosenheim but we will be getting a new Elder in the other companionship!
Tuesday we had a Zone Training meeting in Munich and I got to see Elder Merkley for the first time since our time together. It was great to talk to him as well as Elder Spencer from Lehi who is also in my zone. That night we had German class which we have been doing the last couple weeks with a man who the other Elders contacted but we have been teaching him German and English you could say. He is from Pakistan and he just told us this last week that he actually walked here! I am so thankful to be an American and be a citizen of a well off country.
Wednesday we had a funeral for a Sister that passed away in the ward. It was unexpected and pretty sad. She is the only member in her family so at the sementary they did a Catholic ceremony which was neat to see but then afterwards we came to the church and neat to have lots of non members at the church to speak with. As we were cleaning up we had a man walk in the church and so we went up and talked with him and we met again with him and Thursday. He actually lives right behind the church. It was neat as we were there you could see the church out the window so then on Sunday he came to church and it was great. He has some great potential as he made the first step to take the courage to come to the church. Its so true that we find people that are prepared but also people find us. We need to always be ready to speak with everyone. Out of time for this week. Love you
Elder Jerman
Old Catholic church we visited while waiting for our turn to email.

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Week!

What a wonderful week we have ALL just experienced! It was a very humbling and moving time to listen and hear from men and women called from God to share with all of us what God knows we need at this time both in the church as a whole and personally. I had a need experience as the Spirit taught and prompted me with feelings and emotions in how I can improve to become a better service in this great and inspiring work. I hope we all will now take what we have learned both from the prophets and the Spirit and take it into our lives and live it! Through much prayer and faith I know we all know receive what we can personally do. This time around for watching conference was a little different than last time, if you can remember I got to go to Stuttgart with many other members meeting together to hear. Here in Rosenheim at the church they hook it up for members and people to come and watch. Saturday night as we arrived, the parking lot for empty and no sign of anyone. We go inside and the projector was up and running in the chapel but no one in sight. The meeting starts and not until President Monson got up to speak one member walks in! It was us 5 for the Saturdaymorning conference and we watched it in German. Sunday, we had Priesthood meeting, Saturday Afternoon with only a couple members here! This time we did get to see it in English which was very nice to listen to them in their voices and not having to concentrate on German the whole time so that was a blessing. In between Afternoon and Sunday morning we spoke with members and then had a little time to go out and contact in the area which was neat telling of this wonderful gospel and great plan God has for us. We are so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father and to know we are all brother and sisters. How neat it is to have that message to share that to the world. Now is the time!
A couple other things for this week is we had some great service opportunities. On Saturday we were helping a less active family build their new house they are trying to finish up in the next couple weeks. We were doing painting and tiling and it was good to strengthen our relationship with them. Then Friday was a great day which I loved! So for the last couple weeks once a week we have been practicing some good "Autumn themed" German songs, including a couple hymns. There is a couple members in the branch next to us that go singing to the hospital and old folks home 3 times a year for Spring, Autumn and Christmas. So we practiced and then Friday got to go sing for these people. It was us 4 and the other 2 Elders in our district then a couple members and an investigator in the other area. Oh man I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of back in preschool going to the old folks home to sing to them and now grown up as an Elder doing the same thing! Service comes in many forms and as we serve daily we are blessed with our efforts no matter how small the deed is!
Real quick we have one great investigator that we have been meeting with weekly that the Elders before me found through dooring. She is a German but loves to speak English with us. As we teach her so has questions like how do I have a relationship with God and how do I know and recognize an answer from him? These questions are within us all and the gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone understand and receive answers to our questions. As we read in the scriptures, pray faithfully and go to church we receive the knowledge our heart and mind our desiring. So great to can all prepare in these simple daily and weekly spiritual activities to help others have the same joy! Our message is a message of joy and happiness!
Stay positive and always look on the bright side because its always there!
Love you all so much,
Elder Jerman

NOTE - Jason's cousin, Dallin Spackman is serving in Fiji.  Dallin's new companion is Elder Wilson from Preston, Idaho.  I asked Jason to ask his companion, Elder Seamons if he knew Elder Wilson.  He replied, "Yes, they played soccer together!"
Fun to have 4 missionaries!  Elder Jerman, Young, Seamons and Bassett