Monday, March 10, 2014

His Love is Real

I just love starting my letter with saying family, you guys are the best and I love hearing from you weekly. Now is the time for me to share the things that happen here and the experience we had. It was a great week and we saw many great miracles. To start off we I think it is wonderful that we can meet new people everyday. There are many people around the world and it seems like a big task to reach to them all but it is possible as we do it one by one and sharing with all what we have to share. Everyone has their own story and experiences until the time we meet up the time we do. Meeting Eckart started last week, we were on the bus and there wasnt anyone on the bus but I knew we were coming up to the train station and people would be getting on and so I sat at a 4 person place hoping someone would sit down in the other 3 seats. We arrived and people came in and Eckart came and sat down. The surprising thing is that instead of me starting off and asking how he was, he did the exact same but to me! He was so friendly, he said he actually knows the missionaries in Russia as that is where he works and mentioned he had just visited a baptism there just 2 weeks ago! How golden is he, I thought! He had to get off quick but he gave me his card and said to give him a call and come over, and was I more than happy to do so. So this week we met and he is awesome, he actually has lived in Utah for 5 years going to the U of U and so has had some great contact with the church. He said it would be hard to change his religion but he agreed to reading in the Book of Mormon and praying. That is our invitation we give to all and a big theme of our week.
We also met with two new investigators this week, they are married and he is Atheist. Someone who doesnt even believe there is a God, its interesting the many different beliefs and levels and how everyone is different but our invitation to the world is the same. This week traveling to Munich in the bus I sat by a young guy and he had great questions and we had a good conversation. At the end getting into Munich I invited him to read in the Book of Mormon and pray. No matter where we are, there are people ready. We met also Damaris this week and are seeing some good progress, a problem that is holding her back is keep that commitment to pray about the Book of Mormon. We told her the only way to know spiritual truth is through pray. All we believe in and our understanding of the gospel hangs on the Book of Mormon, without it we would have no church. I am grateful that we all can receive a personal testimony that it is true and that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore his church. That testimony always need to be growing and we cant just leave it alone, we have to keep doing what we know we need to do have the Spirit with us. The Spirit is what brings a change of heart and by the power of the Holy Ghost we may know all things through our feelings and thoughts. I have learned that it is mostly through feelings that we receive the truth and answer. We must always treasure up the feelings we have had and know that our Father in Heaven knows our path and he will give us what we need to be able to endure and succeed. 
A neat experience I had this week was we got on the train and I sat down to a lady and ask her how her day was. She responded well and was very happy to tell me about it. I was a little surprised about how she opened up so quick but I loved it and knew this was going to be a good train ride. It was great to talk about happiness with her and talk about what makes us happy, I shared with her the gospel and what it really does mean for me and the Book of Mormon giving us that guidance on how to live and have that joy. As I testified to her that joy overwhelmed me and I knew that the Spirit was testifying through me to her of the joy and happiness we receive from the gospel. I am so grateful for the Spirit and that it is him that touches the hearts of those we come in contact with even for the first time, they can feel the love of God that he has through them within the first contact. His love is real and we can have it in our lives. 
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Chinese garden in Stuttgart, up the street from the YSA center

Oldest church in the city of Göppingen

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