Monday, February 24, 2014

Die Einladung

How great it is to hear from you and all the fun things that are going on in your lives! So neat to hear the little miracle story about the car. As I read that, I felt that our family is truly blessed and that the Lord is looking out for all of us no matter where we are in the world. He is a loving God and a God of miracles, we need to have the faith to believe and act! We had a great week and we are really starting to see some progress with some people so its great. So remember the person we found last week after getting lost and getting on the wrong train and all that? Well we met with her two times this week! Her name is Damaris and she actually is from Switzerland. It wasnt just an accident that we found her when she did. She had just left her church and I really believe we were suppose to meet her and that time. She has a great knowledge of the Bible and she has many questions, she has a little problem with the Book of Mormon it being the word of God, but as we taught I really have come to know the importance of that we can only find out on ourselves if this message and gospel is true. It is either true or not true and we can only find out by Him who knows all and who gives us truth of spiritual knowledge through the Holy Ghost. And we can only receive the truth by reading, pondering and then sincerely asking God. That is our invitation and we cant force anyone to do so, it has to be on their own will and desire to find out. 
Yesterday night we had a similar experience where we went by a potential investigator we met on the street a few days before and we actually went with him and two of his friends to the YSA center, we showed them around and then had a lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and the great promise that we have been given. That is the greatest way to teach is to invite. Not just to teach others so they understand but so that they will act and live accordingly. We gain truth after experience, and I know that to be true because of many experiences. 
This weekend was Stake conference and so neat to be back in Stuttgart Stake! Heilbronn is part of this stake and so I got to see members both Saturday and Sunday, it was the greatest ever! Saturday night at the adult meeting, there was a new convert from Heilbronn that gave a talk of his conversion. He had just been baptized when I got there, it was great to hear from him and see how it has chance his life. To see where he was and then to see where he is now was a neat and powerful experience. Sunday for the broadcast we had Elder Hales and Elder Bednar speak to us and Elder Bednar spoke in German to us! It was the coolest thing ever, ah I loved it! Just that he could speak in the language of these people. He did a great job and its true the Lord gives you many experiences that prepare you for the future. I enjoyed what he said about our conversion and how it deepens as we serve others. That is the gospel of Christ is serving others and bringing joy to those we love. The best way to serve them is extending the invitation for them to experience the many blessings God has in store for all his children as they follow His sons example and teachings. I am so grateful for our loving God and his son Jesus Christ.
Have a great week, and especially to you Kayleigh, have a great birthday week! 
Love you all so much, 
Elder Jerman
Elder Moon and I in front of palace that is in downtown Stuttgart, on König Straße.

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