Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Week!

Christoph and I at the Stuttgart Zoo!   A great day!
What a week! As I looked back on the week it was a great success and we experienced some neat miracles. Starting off from the beginning of the week and where I left off last time...Christoph came! After emails we went to the train station and met him there and then with other Elders here in Stuttgart we all went to the Zoo! It was a great activity to do with Christoph on Pday and we all enjoyed the time very much so. Afterwards when it was time to go we said our goodbyes and then I gave him a Book of Mormon! I had written my personal testimony in it and it was neat to give it to him as he is a great friend of mine. Missionary work does get personal as we do it with those close to us. Its a great service we can do and there is nothing better we can offer to those we love the most.
We had our Zone Training meeting for all the missionaries here in the zone and it went really good and great to hear from everyone and there testimonies. Afterwards went on an exchange with the other Elders here in Stuttgart and they have 3 right now so I worked with two of them and this work is still possible with 3! Some think its "harder" especially street contacting with 3 but anything is possible and we had a great miracle. We contacted a guy who had just come from our church doing family history! There is actually quite a few of non members that come to the church for genealogy. But great to talk with him hopefully start meeting with him as he already has this interest! Also a neat miracle from opening our mouths was we were waiting at the train station for our train and we walk up and there is a young man standing there waiting as well and he kind of looks up and realizes us and took out his headphone but didnt say anything. A little time went on but then I had the feeling to talk with him and did so and we find out that he is actually a member! He is from America so he is in the other ward but it was perfect since we were on the exchange. He has been less active for just over a year but after our talking he said, I think I need to come back to church! It was so neat and I have experience multiple miracles as we simply open our mouths and start. That is how it all begins in fulfilling the commandment of preaching the gospel and extending the invitation to all. 
We had transfer day and we are staying together but we were at the train station helping those changing trains or moving onto another area. It was great to be with the missionaries and also this weekend we have been with them as a few stayed over for General Conference. And speaking of Conference, it was the greatest ever!!! I absolutely loved it and it truly is something I look forward to and will for the rest of my life! What a special opportunity we have to hear from our Prophet and Apostles, to listen and to learn on how we can better improve our lives and our service to others. Cant believe a year ago I was here in Stuttgart at the Stake house watching it as well. It is set up with English shown in the chapel and German in the culture hall. Us missionaries (all the missionaries in the zone come) watch in English but during one session we had a less active show up! It was great, we have been working with him and it was his first time back! He went into German and us in English but I had the feeling to go set with him so I did so and it was probably the best session ever. I learned from the Spirit that session than any other. I didnt understand and get everything the Speakers were saying but the Spirit was speaking so clearly to me on how I am here to serve and not be served and as I do so even if I dont understand everything that the Lord will look out for me and bless those I serve and thats exactly what happened as our less active was there and also we had an investigator show up and it was a blessing to be there and have her be able to have someone to sit with as it was her first time to church. 
That is actually a miracle story in itself. Remember last week as I explained our situation with Damaris and how we were probably done teaching her? Well we met with her one more time this week and had a lesson on repentance and we know that is a subject very dear to her. Well the lesson went really good and we decided to make out another appointment and then invited her to General Conference and she seemed interested so we were hoping she would come and she came to all 3 sessions!! It was the neatest, she is searching for her answers and so we are not giving up on her quite yet! So Conference was great yes and I am so grateful we can hear from them and learn what we can do and now is the time to do it! I loved Elder Bednars story and dad I wont ever forget our similar story of getting the van stuck on that dirt road. Our loads are heavy sometimes and we dont know why life is hard but God knows exactly what we need. This is the time to preform and show our trust and faith in Jesus Christ and in his Atonement. I know we can receive the strength needed to carry the load of life and that we can experience the joy of life God wants us to experience. It is through his Son Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and leads this church. 
I hope you have a great week and enjoy your Spring Break! 
I know families are eternal and I love you all so much!
Elder Jerman
 P-day, in front of a great blooming tree in the Spring here in Germany.  We aren't usually in street clothes but we are going biking today.

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