Monday, September 29, 2014

Huttledorf Hastel

Hey I hope all is well at home, things are going great here and we are moving right along. Its crazy to be sitting here once again as it seems like the time goes by quickly but lots has happen in the time in between! Many miracles and stories that strengthens us to know we are in the service of the Lord and this work is real and what these people need! To start off I would like to tell a story from Thursday as we were walking home and just about to turn the corner to go up our last street to be home we talked with this guy, well he actually asked us in English, "Hey where is the Hüttledorf Hastel?" We didnt know exactly but we knew which was Hüttledorf was and explained to him, but we got talking of where he was from and what he was doing. We decided to walk with him and show him where it was and come to find out he is from California but left everything he had to come on a trip to find answers. He has traveled around Europe and planning to go on to Asia until he finds answer, he has talked to many including priests and such but is still on the search, he said pray has helped him along and can feel that as a start but still doesnt know which way. It was so neat to walk with him and answer some questions he had and get on take on life and what we believe. We walked a good 30 minutes with him and at the end he thank us for help and said this is exactly what he was looking for as he came out here. I had the impression to give testimony of Gods love for him and his awareness for him. I both felt Gods love for me and for this stranger trying to find his way in life. He left walking along his way and I wondered where he will end up but with the confidence we helped him along is way and he will one day end up in the Mormon church! 
Another neat experience for the week was we went by a less active, well at least that is what we thought when we first went by. He answers and lets us in and we starting talking and we find out he is not the guy where were looking for but he was the roommate. He used to be a member but took his records out but has had contact now and again with missionaries. He is a really nice guy and has the desire to come back, it was great to have contact with him again and even though we might have had another purpose going there God knew we would find him. God works in many ways but he has one goal in leading all of his children back to him one day. 
We have a new investigator this week, I have talked about him before, his name is Marcel and he is the one who didnt have much of a life planned out and only being 21 years old. We now meet at the church and he is great, we started reading from the beginning of the Book of Mormon with him and great to see his desire to read grow. We hope to make good progress with him. Things are going well with Yisel, we had an appointment for today but it got cancelled, we hope to help her be prepared for baptism, its coming up sooner than we think and I hope we can help her be ready but as we just control whats in our control and help her gain a testimony through the power of the Spirit and leave the rest up to the Lord, things will work out in how he wants it to. Our responsibility is not taken away he still expects much from us and we can decide to give our best everyday. I am so grateful for our free agency and that we make the right decision everyday. Do what is right. 
I love you all, I love my whole family and hope you have a great week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Fun picture in Vienna! The many people we meet!

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