Monday, October 6, 2014

We have a prophet called of God!

With members, making American chocolate chip cookies.  They wanted us to show them how to make those great cookies! 
How about that great General Conference! Oh how we need General Conference and was it ever so good! I love it and it comes and goes very quick but even though it is over, now is the time that really matters in putting what we learned into action! Sunday was the full day as we had Priesthood Session in the morning then had a lunch which we brought along and then Saturday afternoon and then Sunday morning live. It was a great day and I am so grateful for prophets in these days. We need their guidance and council. I was touched from the Sunday morning session with the two talks about substaining prophets and our great need for them and then having Thomas S. Monson speak to us at the end and teach and testify of Jesus Christ and the gospel which he taught. We can all find hope and direction in life as we learn more about the Savior and his sacrifice as we study both ancent and modern prophets in the scriptures and conference talks. Its nothing new to us but it is the rededication and confirmation from the Spirit that is what helps us strive forward to accomplish his will and for us to have happy lives!
We had some neat less active progression this last week, we went by a less active right before they were leaving and met with them shortly setting up an appointment for next week, oh how I love less active work and bringing those back to the fold. Most of the time they arent there or have moved away but as we constantly diligently work at it, we will find those ready! On Friday during weekly planning I had the thought to call a less active who Elder Gomez Torio and I worked with. He was from El Salvator and he had moved to a different area in Vienna and Elder Gomez Torio then left, but I called him to see how he was doing and if the missionaries had contact with him. He remembered my voice and was pleased to hear from me as he has been away and hasnt had much contact with the church. He asked me if there was any activities going on and I told him about a YSA activity that night and later I found out he went and made contact with the right missionaries and will be working with them now. We can make things happen as we follow those small promptings and it is not us rather God who is to thank. He loevs all his children and wants to make sure they know that and that they are not forgotten. We play a big role in that as we work as instruments in his hands. While going to an appointment we met a less active on the street! It was a great miracle to have them standing right there but sad as they didnt have any interest meeting with us although she was really nice. I wanted to at least do something but didnt know what, then had the thought to share a scripture with her. The words of God can be more powerful than we know and it was neat as she listened and then took the book and looked up a scripture, unfortantly she couldnt find it but we commited her right there on the street to read again in the scriptures. We have the opportunity every 6 months to hear the word of God through his prophets but we can hear his word everyday and receive personal revelation for our lives, what a wonderful blessing it is! 
Yisel is doing well, we met with her two times last week and this week as well, things are looking good for now, but keep her in your prayers and also her family. She watched some of General Conference and really enjoyed it, this past week she also mentioned how she has gained the importance of the Book of Mormon. She has always believed in Bible and that to be the word of God, at the beginning of meeting with us she still had that be number one, but just of lately she has realized the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it is also the word of God and that it can speak to hear just as the Bible does. When we do those simple things we are asked of, pray, read and go to church we will come to the realization just as with any commandment that it is true and it brings us closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. 
I hope you have a great week and I love you all! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman

Bowling with a new convert and her son who is not yet baptized.  Great activity! 


Free ice cream! It was while on an exchange with Elder Holm, it was the last night before they closed for the season and we got a big ice cream!


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