Monday, September 22, 2014

Many different things!

Hello and hope all is well back home, it sure sounds like it and that is so wonderful to hear. Things are going well here and there is truly so much we can be thankful for. This is the greatest work and I love being apart of it daily no matter what time of the day it is whether if we are studying or teaching or planning for the next day, this time is precious and I am grateful for the guidance given so we know how to use the time the most effective! 
We had a great week with many different things going on. Its neat to be in one work but to have so much that is included within it, its all a little different but it all has the same purpose in bringing others to Christ. Wednesday night we visited a member couple, they are originally from Hungary but have lived here for a while. We asked them if we could come over and share a message with them, it was really neat as we did share it and to have them open up and express their feelings on that is exactly what they needed and how nice it was to be able to talk about it, because we do have the opportunity at church to discuss but then again some are more quiet than others and its just good to be reminded of it throughout the week and be able to express yourself because even when we personal study, its good but how much better it is to be able to share what we learned or what we wanted to apply to our life. We enjoy visiting and lifting members in the small ways. 
Friday morning we traveled to St. Pölten, a city just outside of Vienna where they had planned to have a street display for the whole day and not just any display. It was quite impressive and it was worth doing it the whole day, we didnt stay the whole time but Elder Howarth was asked to play the organ as they had brought an electric organ. They also played violins and it was really a neat time preaching the gospel having hymns played. It was quite successful as we met and talked with many and gave out Books of Mormon and other material. I loved working with members who came to support and have them share testimony with those we talked with. This truly is the true church because we have all experience the joy from living it and because of that we want to share it with everyone we meet. Not many churches, but we do because we want others to also partake of that joy and happiness. 
Saturday morning was another activity we had, it was an Elders Qurom Activity where we cleaned the church and then grilled afterwards. We have been in contact with a less active over the phone but have never met out, we were going to on Friday but it didnt work out so we invited him to this activity and he said he would come, we told him he wouldnt have to come to clean but just come afterwards but as we were there he showed up ready to clean and help out. It was so awesome and neat to finally meet him! He is originally from Afghanistan and has been here about 6 years, he has had contact throughout the years but has never received the Priesthood and that is what interests him. We talked with him about that and what he needs to do to get there. It was great to see his desire to change and do the will of the Lord. 
Yisel is making great progress now as we made out a date for her to get baptized! She even picked it herself, the 19th of October! Keep her in your prayers as well as her husband. She almost didnt come to church yesterday and Saturdaynight had decided she wouldnt but had a dream in the night and woke up and prayed to God for guidance and when she woke up in the morning she knew she needed to go to church. God will always lead us in the right direction and will bless us for it as we willing obey. She explained to us how she has notice she has become a better wife and partner in marriage and she sees the blessings that come from it. Let us all notice the many blessings the Lord gives to us as we follow His example. 
I love you all and am so grateful for my family. The family is the most important and is the best way one can progress in the gospel. I am so grateful that we can make progress everyday and thank the Lord for all he gives us.
Have a wonderful week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Me in the morning as we ran to a palace for morning sport!

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