Monday, September 1, 2014


Morning run by Schönnbrunn palace
Good morning from raining Vienna! All is well here and we have had a great week. I hope all of you have had one as well and also for this coming week! The Lord is on our side and we have seen many miracles in the vineyard. Some exciting news that I would like to share up front from another part of the vineyard is that I have kept in contact with Steven in Stuttgart and he told me today he has made the decision to get baptized and that will be happening in October!! I am so glad the Lord has blessed his life in so many ways and that he will be making that decision! Horah for Israel! 
You never know when you meet someone on the street the progress they will make but I do know that the Lord is gathering those that are ready and we have a big responsibility to find them or for them to find us. We have had once again many neat stories of those we meet in Vienna. I love talking to people here and all the small things that connect together. For example one day we were a little lost in the part of town and we were back tracking and past a family getting out of the car. They almost went across the street but we stopped the dad right as he was closing the trunk and leaving. We talked with them real quick and he ended pulling out a Book of Mormon out of his trunk and said that last week he had met the missionaries. They didnt have time but neat to be a messenger of the Lord and say that he should read. A good reminder, one we all need sometimes. Another example is we were on an exchange this last week with the zone leaders and we were contacting and we stopped someone on a bike and ended up having a really great conversation and she is very interested on what the Book of Mormon is and if she can truly receive an answer from God. The last one is we stopped a lady with her child and she explained to us that at the moment she is going through a divorce and it is quite the trial for her but that her child means everything to her. It was neat to explain Gods plan and that it lays out in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. She needed it right than in her life and neat to meet her at the right place at the right time. 
The Book of Mormon plays a roll in all these example and this last week, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a lot and the importance of it. We truly need to use it more in our efforts because it does have the capability to bring us closer to God than any other book. Of that I know and I love reading in it everyday and having the opportunity to share that with others. 
Yisel is doing really well and connecting great with this ward. Yesterday at church is talked with many members and is getting to know many. In our lessons with her last week we talked about some commandments, like tithing and the word of wisdom, she accepted as she desires to follow Christ and do all that he asks. She knows it is true and she is blessed as she follows the commandments and her prayers are answered. We hope to make progress with her husband and that he will be more open. Also church was really great, we had a new friend come, his name is Marco and we met him on Fridayand it was neat how the whole thing rolled out. We talked with him on the bus and then he invited us to come over to his apartment and we introduce the Book of Mormon and answered some of his questions and ended with a prayer and it was so neat to see his change of countenance in that short amount of time. The gospel changes lives for good and so neat to see it, it is possible through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know his power is real and he can use it everyday to endure and return the favor by serving our brother and sisters. 
I love you and so grateful for everyone of you. I love my eternal family! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman

Celebrating Elder Worthen's birthday at a sushi bar in Vienna

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