Monday, September 8, 2014

Keeping covenants

Great to hear from all of you on this great sunny day! Crazy how the weather changes from one day or week to the next. Its been a different summer here but its been good and we are enjoying it none the less. Every moment is a precious one no matter what we are doing and to be effective in all is very important. We did a good amount of service this last week helping out a few different people which was great to help out. We helped our Bishop as they are getting to move and also a friend of another member. You can never do too much service but I must truly say that I loved putting that white shirt and tie on afterwards and going out on the streets of Vienna meeting many different children of God. All who need the gospel whether they know it or not. 
Yisel is still coming along great, her example to do what is right is so great to see and learn from, its just too bad with her situation with her husband and with her getting baptized. She really wants to but unexpected things keep coming up. Her husband wants there baby to be baptized in the Catholic church, it wont mean anything to her but she wants to support the head of the household which is the best thing to do. The family is the most important thing and a gift from God so we will have to wait and see what the next couple weeks bring but we are hoping and praying on. 
Sister Schade are less active we are working with is still making great progress as well. Yesterday at church she shared her testimony for the first time. I was so proud of her and its such a neat opportunity we all have to share our testimonies and the blessings both we receive and others. It is one of our most powerful tools, that the Spirit can testify of all eternal/restored truths. 
One neat story from yesterday after church we get a call from an investigator we have had. Agnes is the name and she is from Hungary, we havent been able to meet lately but her son from Hungary has now moved here because she found a new apartment that is big enough for them both, its not in our area anymore but they wanted to go to church so I told them how to get to the other church in Vienna. Anyways after church we get a call from them saying they never made it as they looked and never could find it. The language barrier made it so there was a miss communication with directions. They asked if we could come by to give the sacrament and so we happily did as we got permission from their bishop and to find out her son (a convert member for 5 years) hadnt missed church for 3 yrs. Ah it saddened me that he couldnt make it but so neat we could still have the chance to renew his covenants. How grateful we are to be able to do so every week and renew our covenants we made with God. Let us all remember what we have covenanted and strive to live our best accordingly. Thanks to the Atonement of Christ can we improve everyday. I am so grateful for Christ and his Atonement and that we can share that joyful message with others. 
I love my family oh so much! Have a wonderful, safe week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman

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