Saturday, August 2, 2014

from Elder Gomez Torio's father

The father of Jason's companion, Elder Gomez Torio, served in Spain with Jason father.
So once again, 40 years later, "Elder Jerman and Elder Gomez" serve together . . . this time in Austria.

Here is his 2nd letter (translated) to Roger.

 My son Elder Gomez told us by e-mail this week, that he has moved to
Switzerland as his new working area on Thursday, Elder Gomez was very
sad not to continue with your son Elder Jerman as his partner, he feels a
great affection, respect, and admiration for your son, he said he was the best
missionary, and he learned a lot in the time he worked with your son. Elder
Gomez would have preferred to stay with Elder Jerman much longer. But
above all, it has also been wonderful to be able to contact you again after so
many years. I hopefully await your communication.
A hug for all your family, your wife, and especially a good hug for you my dear
Jesus R. Gomez.

Farewell Elder Gomez Torio

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