Monday, August 11, 2014

Die Liebe

Elder Howarth and me last Pday at Stephandom. We climbed the 343 stairs to the top this time and had a great view of Vienna!   It was awesome! 
Here we are again, another week and it seems like the summer is coming to a close for you. Summer will go a little longer here in Austria and I think school starts up at the beginning of September but the work of the Lord goes on with no breaks. Its been a great week in the Vienna vineyard and we are seeing some good progress. Not just by those we teach but those around us who we might not see so much progress with but the Lord does. Its neat because we have two investigators they are both dads of families and their wives have no interest whatsoever to meet with us or be apart of it, but as we visited both of them this last week they both mentioned how their wives act different after we have come. One of them doesnt believe on God but she is the one that welcomes us in and the husband told us how God is with her if she realizes it or not. I am thankful that we can share a light and message that doesnt effect only one or two but all around us even if they arent as ready to accept it. Their time will come as we strive to keep sharing our love and the love from God. 
Yisel is coming along great, she was at church yesterday and we actually met with her this morning as well. She has been to church every Sunday since the day she walked in on her own. She is truly a miracle and God is the one to thank. Today she said something that touched me dearly, she gave testimony herself that she knows there is a God and that we are here to serve his children and then she said that is what she wants. Its so neat that she has her own desire to do Gods will and to serve him. She is ready but there is one problem with her husband, that he isnt really for the whole thing. Well he is okay with her meeting with us and going to church but he isnt at all religious and has had some bad experiences. We are praying for a miracle that he will be more open with religion so there wont be problems in the future. With God anything is possible and she even believes it. She knows there is a way and I have learned a lot from her desire and faith. 
Something else fun and a little different we did this last week was we had a sport evening. We planned out with our ward mission leader and invited members, non members, and investigators to come and have a sport evening. We played basketball and had a great turn out, lots of younger people and we hope to have something come of it. I am grateful for the gospel and that it involves people, Gods children. We are truly blessed to have this knowledge, to live it and to love it. What more would we want than to share it with others. I am grateful to be here as a disciple of Christ bringing the gospel to his children. 
I love my family, I love God and his son Jesus Christ. I share those 3 things that are dear to me everyday and it makes me happy and I hope to bring happiness to others as well. Have a great week, and I love you with all my heart!
Much love,
Elder Jerman
 With Elder Gomez Torio.   I will never forget that time with him. So great, loved it! 

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