Monday, August 4, 2014

Die Einladung

Great to hear from you on this great sunny day! Things are well in Vienna, changes have come and we are moving right along. There might be a change here or there is this work but the work is still the same and we grow in it everyday. It was a great last couple days with Elder Gomez Torio, he was a great companion and I enjoyed the time with him very much so. Learned a lot from him and I will miss his presence and excitement. In the beginning of the week, we visited a few members/ investigators and said his goodbyes and then Thursday morning rolled around and it was the day to start new. I was excited and ready to get a brand new missionaries as I set goals to do this great work even better than what I have done and show him how to start it off right (well at least I hope so) It is a great responsilbity and trust and I hope we both get the most out of it and that we can help each other reach what God knows we can. Thursday night came and their train arrived and it all began. Elder Howarth from South Jordan is my new companion and he is great, I love him! That first night we brought back his things and then went off to a "discussion night" where the topic "Families" was being discussed. It wasnt put on by our church but we thought it a good idea to go and share with those that our interested in the family about our belief on the family. It was a great opportunity because it was a place where you know the people there have interest because they came on their own. You dont find many places like that so it was really neat to share our beliefs and also "The Family, a Proclamation to the World" Friday we met with our investigator Yisel, who is progressing very well! She has been to church now 3 times in a row since she first walked in and we have been meeting regularly with her. Elder Howarth did a great job in German and I am very impressed on how well he can already speak it. Saturday we had a service project helping a member in the ward put together a closet and bed and it was neat because it took longer than expected (a life long lesson I have learned on my mission) but then we had an appointment at the church with a potential and he came with us and it all worked out so we helped each other, the way it should be! Sunday at church was great and the testimonies of members were great as a special spirit was there as they testified simply and powerful of principles of the gospel and later that day we had an activity for a young man in our ward gong on a mission. Elder Gomez Torio had promised to bake a few cakes for it but he then got transferred so I took on the job and bake a few cakes, it turned out great and I think I have found a new hobby! 
To end I would like to share a miracle experience for the week. It was Friday evening when we had a lesson fall through but none the less we decided to go by on a less active we had pick out earlier that day to go by on. We get there and knock on her door and she opens and says that she left the church, but was very kind about it so we kept talking a little and then she stop and asked if she could have a Book of Mormon. We were quite surprised but gladly gave it to her and asked if there was anything else we could do for her. She thought and then responded by asking if we could pick her up for church on Sunday. She came and enjoyed it very much so and wants to come again next week. The Lord has a time for everyone, it starts with a desire and then an invitation. We never know when someone time is now unless we invite. 
I love Jesus Christ, I love his gospel and I love this opportunity to learn to love these children of God and share that same love with them that God and his son has for them. 
I love my family and wish you to have a great week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
Train Station Transfers - Good bye Elder Gomez Torio

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