Monday, July 28, 2014

Unser Zweck

Hey sorry I am a little late today. Earlier today we were with a member family who has a son going on his mission on Wednesday to Provo Utah! An exciting time, it always is for the family and missionary. Excited, nervous and not knowing what to expect. A great experience and neat to see where I have come in my journey. I am still learning everyday and am so thankful for the time I have to serve the Lord with everything I got for this time. The big news for the week is transfer calls! We usually get them in the morning before studies but with new President we had no idea and it wasnt until after studies when we were actually in a lesson that we got a call from President Kohler! We waited until after to call back and found out the news! Elder Gomez Torio will be leaving to Switzerland and I will be getting a new companion. A brand spanken new one! I am excited and humbled for this time to train a new missionary and I wish to love him and that he has a great experience getting right into this great work! 
Its been a great week and I am sad for just having Elder Gomez Torio for a short time. We worked great together and saw a lot of good progress in this area. It is always so neat to look back on the time and see where God has brought us with his help, with out Him it would be impossible. Yesterday at church was quite the miracle. The mission is something so cool, on Friday we met a man from Hungary on the street and invited him to church he ended up coming all 3 hours even though he couldnt understand all of the German. We actually had a member from Hungary who translated a little for him. So neat how in so little time we can help all no matter who it is come closer to Christ. That is our purpose and that is what we strive for everyday. We also had another investigator at church. Her name is Yisel and she is a neat story from this last week. I think I said a little about her last week but she came to a little of church last week, she wanted to see who we are and what we do. We is interested in strengthening her faith. We met with her during the week and she explained how she wants to live her faith not just believe and how she hasnt felt that she can in her faith. Well she is in the right place! Its great we can help those that are hungry for the truth and give what they are looking for. 
I dont have much more time for today. I love you all and so grateful to be here serving my God and my brothers and sisters. I have really learned that as we come to understand that everyone we meet both friends and foreign people they are all children of our Heavenly Father that he loves perfectly and we can too as we serve both Him and them! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Orlando Morles before he leaves to the Utah, Provo mission!

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