Monday, August 18, 2014

Meeting many in Vienna

Elder Howarth and I in front of Parlament.
Crazy to hear that school will be starting back up again for all of you. I wish you all the best as you start anew with new visions and goals! I can truly say that as we set goals, more is accomplished. Its something about writing it down and having a true desire to achieve what you want that helps, but most important the help of God and asking him for his help. Something so simple but true because he loves us and wants to help. 
We have had a great week in Vienna, a place with much potential where God is preparing his children. There sure are many here and you never know who the one is, they also might not recognize they are ready but as we open our mouths miracles can happen daily. A few short neat stories this last week about that is just yesterday we were traveling back home for the day and we always travel with public transportation, subways and such and it truly is quite exciting because you never know who you will meet. Vienna is a place where you could meet just about anyone from around the world. So yesterday we talk with this younger lady and found out she from Ecuador but living here and that her dad is Mormon!!! How crazy is that?! He is back in Ecuador but she knows quite a bit about the church and even so she said she has her own church and is happy with it she is willing to meet with us. Thats all we/the Lord needs is those with an open heart so that we can share his spirit and love with them. Another just this morning is we got a call from a random man who says he was sorry he didnt make it to church yesterday but wants to come next week and asked how to get there and when it was. We give out many cards to people and hardly get a response, it gives me hope that there are people out there ready and waiting for the gospel. We will see what comes of it. 
Probably the neatest one this week happened in a process of two days. Last Tuesday while traveling to our Zone Training we got into a train with very few people on it but decided none the less to sit next to one of them with head phones in and looking down at his phone. As we got traveling we started talking to him and came to found out that he was actually a member here in Vienna in another ward but wasnt active. It was a good conversation but we never really got around to the gospel. In my journal that night I wrote about the small miracle and that we are here to show that love that God has for all his children but as I wrote I thought to myself how yes we showed it by being present but didnt really say it. The next morning as we got in our first train going off for the day we sit down next to someone who we couldnt notice before since facing the other direction and it was him! He only went one stop but I knew that God had given us another chance to not only show his love but also to say to him he is loved and God cares about him. God loves each of us and wants the best for us, I know as we live the gospel of Christ we can feel that love and feel closer to him. 
Our investigators are doing well. We met with Yisel again this morning and she is doing great with her desire to do what God wants. We are praying and hoping her husband will be more open and willing to accept what she is doing. We also got a new investigator from Hungary, her son is already a member and we actually had a lesson where we skyped with her son. This work is hastening and I am so grateful we can all be apart of it!
I love you and wish you have a great week, especially you Zac! Happy Birthday this week!! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
In front of some other palace.

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