Monday, May 5, 2014

Making the best of every situation

Welcome to a new week, it looks like you will be having a full week with lots going on, but whats new! Hope all goes well and you wont feel too stressed! I know it will all work out in the end, it always does and it did once again this week in Stuttgart. We had a great week, it was a little different this week because we were also in Munich for part of the week but let me tell you all about! On Monday night we visited our new family we are teaching. Filipe and Liliana are doing great, we actually did find out that he is a member! Last week we werent sure but this time we offered to give a blessing to their daughter as she was going in for a operation and we figured out that he actually has the Melchizedek Priesthood! Since being here in Germany the last 4 years he has been inactive as he had some negative experiences in the past but we hope to work with him and their family. Liliana is so great though, she loves praying and growing her faith that is new to her. She explained to us how she likes that there is a straight and narrow path that is the right one. She knows in her life she hasnt always been on that path but she wants to and she knows as she does, the Lord will prepare a way! We were also their on Saturday and Diogo was there so it was good to have them all their. We hope to make some great progress with this great family! Getting Filipe and Diogo active and having Liliana be apart of this great gospel and have it be a blessing for their family! We are excited with them. Tuesday we had an exchange with the International Elders which went good and then Wednesday we headed off to Munich. We went with all the District Leaders here in the zone to stay the night because the next morning we had a meeting that we had to be there for. Then we had our Mission Tour! Stuttgart and Munich Zones came together and we had Sister and Elder Dyches from the seventy visit us. It was great to hear from them as well from Sister and President Miles. Then afterwards we had a big finding day, kind of what we did back here in Stuttgart a couple of weeks ago. It was neat what we did as we went out but stayed close to the church and invited everyone to come and have a church tour. It was very succesful as we had the doors open to those interested and then took them through. Something neat for us while contacting and inviting others to come was that we met a Bishop from Japan! We talked with him just for a short time and then he wished us on our way and its always is neat to meet members around the world and receive support to keep us going strong. Then Friday we stayed one more day in Munich and had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) We had Sister and Elder Dyches here this time which was neat to hear from them. He talked about agency and responsibility as leaders and what role that plays. It was a great few days with much council and direction given. It is neat though that we can not only receive it from them but also be impressed from the Spirit on how we can use it in our personal work and areas. It was neat to get ideas for specific investigators and such. This is Gods work with his children and when we have the desire he will give us what we need to help his children. Saturday we met with a less active for the first time. I called him about a month ago and made out this appointment and then called the night before to confirm and he was good to go. It doesnt always work out that way but this was great. We met and had a good lesson. It is so great that we can work with so many different people where ever they may be in the gospel. We learned in our meetings that it is just important of bringing back the ones that have lost the way as it is bringing in the new. There are many ways of hastening his work and that is one of them.
One neat quick miracle story, something small but of big importance. Yesterday leaving our apartment going to church we were walking up the sidewalk going to the station to get on the street train and then realized we had forgotten a few ideas so we had to go back making us miss our original train. We made our way back but knowing we would have a little more time before the next train I decided to speak to this women walking by. We find out she is really religious and interested in our message. We end up giving her a Book of Mormon and our testimonies of the truthfulness of it. It is just so neat that as we make the best of every situation, having a good attitude and working diligently the Lord will bless us in ways we will never know unless we act upon those promptings given us. Oh the joy we will experience has we trust in the Lord and his time and way to fulfill his purpose for all his children. It is so great we can all be apart of this great work!
Hey one last thing, so we got transfer calls this last week and found out that Elder Moon will be moving on this next week and I will be getting a new companion. It will be Elder Nielson from my MTC district!! I am super excited and I know there are many great things in store for us. I know the Lord will be expecting our best and it will be a neat opportunity to work diligently and obediently in being his instruments as his missionaries.
I hope you all have a great week and thanks for your love and support. It will be great seeing and talking to you next week, looking forward to it! Love you so much!
Bis Sp├Ąter,
Elder Jerman

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