Monday, May 12, 2014

Alles Liebe zum Mutter Tag!

Final farewell with this Stuttgart District before some move on.
It was so good seeing and hearing from you yesterday! We are so blessed that we can do that in these days! I loved talking to you and hearing from you, I love you so much and am so that we have the restored truth and know that this life is not the end. We will enjoy the eternities together with one another and I am so happy that the gospel is a blessing for us and and forever. What a great time we live in with the restored truth and that we can share it with others as well so their families can also enjoy the happiness. I am grateful for the privileged to be here now in Stuttgart doing that same thing. 
This week as been a week of change and new beginning as I have received a new companion. Elder Nielson from Delta Utah who was in my MTC District. He came in on Thursday and it has been a great couple last days. I know the Lord has lots in store for us and I know the way to accomplish it is setting goals. That is the way we can all accomplish anything righteous we want to. An important key that was made clear to me these last few days is that we just dont set them hoping that we will reached them with putting in a little effort here and there and hoping for the best but that as we set them and then go out and work and give it our best in asking for the Lords help. Through that, I know that we can reach all that we want to. Both Friday and Saturday we had the goal to find 4 potential investigators. We went throughout the day working and talking with as many as we could and as we knew the day was coming to the end and we hadnt reached our goal we knew we had the go just a little further and not give up. It was neat as we did all we could the Lord guided us through the Spirit to reach our goal. We have a quote that I really like and it goes as following, "Everyday is a battle, and every night a victory." I love that! The work wont always be easy and so wont life, but we knew that before we came to earth. We promised our Father in Heaven that we would give our best and as we do daily by the end of the day we will see what blessings he gave us to help us receive the victory. 
For our friends of the church we visited this past week who is making progress we had two great experiences. One with Lilliana and her family as we met with them all together. We first read with her in the Book of Mormon since she hadnt since the last time we met and it is so important that they learn that in order to get an answer they must put in their own effort. After we read we watched the Restoration film with her and the family in Portuguese and she seemed very intrigued. We hope to keep making progress with her and help her receive her witness through the Spirit of the truth. We also had a neat experience with Andrea. His father passed away last week and was a tough time for him and his family as we can imagine. We had the opportunity to go over and just speak with him but mostly listen and have him talk. As we listen with love we will know what do say. We didnt say much but I know what we did say it was enough and it was what he needed at that time. He knew he had received strength from the gospel and also from above. The neat thing about that is about a month ago is when he got serious into the Book of Mormon reading it daily on his own and I know for a fact that is one reason he received that strength. As we do what has been asked we will receive what we need as we ask. I know Christ lives and that we have a Father in Heaven who loves each one of us.
I love each one of you so much and hope you have a great week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

With the Finotto family from Italy

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