Monday, May 19, 2014

3 times is a charm!

I love my family and am grateful all is well and everyone is safe and healthy. I know the Lord is watching over us everyday no matter where we are or what we are doing. I pray for you individually daily and am so grateful how blessed we have been of being a healthy family! I love you all! 
Well we have had a great week here in Stuttgat, we have been really busy which is good and Elder Nielson and I are getting along very well. We have a good time working together and also a fun time, both important no matter what phase we are in our lives. We have had some great success in finding new people interested in learning about the gospel. On Tuesday night we met with two young guys. We met at the YSA center, we showed them around and they had many great questions and we sat down and taught the Restoration. So neat to first off tell them what makes our church so special and different. As we told the story of Joseph Smith the Spirit was strong and I know they felt it. They committed to read in the Book of Mormon and we hope to be meeting with them in the coming week. Another neat experience with teaching someone for the first time was Saturday morning we had an appointment with another young guy. His name is Steven and we actually met him a week ago on the Street. We met with him at the church, toured him around and then sat and had a lesson with him. That first lesson is always so important with new people and its whats most important is them feeling two things. The Spirit and love, and I would say both were there. He explained to us on the day we met him that he wasnt having the best day and didnt even want to go outside but rather stay inside but he had a feeling he needed to go out, it might have been his stomach being a little hungry but he was on his way to the grocery store when we met him and Saturday he told us that is was times like these that he knew that there must be a God. There are no accidents and we have really high hopes for him. At the end of our lesson after the prayer, the first thing he said was, " I feel good." We know that was the Spirit and the love of his Father in Heaven. We are meeting again this week again at the church because of that "good feeling" he felt there. We cant do this work without the Spirit and we are so privilege to have him with us as we do what is right and live worthy. 
Lilliana and her family are doing well, they have been sick this last week and our appointment didnt go through but we hope to keep making good progress with them. A neat miracle story for the week was Friday morning when we had a service project. We were helping a less active in the ward make and build closets so she could have more space in her apartment. We were with the Bensons and we first went to Ikea to look at what they had. We rode the elevator up with this lady, back didnt say anything. About 10 minutes being there they had a fire drill and everyone had to go outside to the big parking lot. Elder Nielson mentioned that there was someone out there that we needed to meet. We gathered with the Bensons and then noticed the lady that rode up with us. We started talking with her and also as we went back into the building. She was so nice and kind, but then she went her way and us our way. Ah that was our chance! I knew I should of done a little more to ask for her info to keep in touch. We went to the less actives to take measurements and then went back to purchase at Ikea. I said a little pray in my heart that we would see her again. I knew the chances were slim but as we arrived back she was there just at the check out! We had to talk to her! So Elder Nielson and I waiting around until she finished and then we went up to talk to her and received her info! The Lord was kind to us in answering my simple pray and giving us one more chance. And I know without the Spirit with us, the lady would of thought we were crazy as she didnt really know what was going on but the Lord soften her heart and now we can stay in touch and hopefully meet with her. God has a plan for everyone of his children to receive and accept the gospel. Let us all do our part in serving others and asking Him for his divine help. 
I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful and safe week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Made a new friend on the train.  He just returned from a semester at the U of U!

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