Monday, May 26, 2014

Helping the One

 Sunday dinner at a member's home with Elder Nielson,  in similar ties.

Nice looking car here in Stuttgart - the birthplace of the car.
We are getting into the hot season here in Stuttgart, it did rain a few days actually so it was nice. The weather here reminds me a lot of back home. In the morning it will be raining and then shortly after the sun comes out and it turns into a beautiful day. We never know but that doesnt stop us from shinning within. We can always let that light shine! Saturday was one of those days concerning the weather. We had a ward activity as we had our Ward Conference this past weekend and in the morning it rained and it rained a lot. We had actually planned to do some service in the yard for a member but they canceled because of the rain. It wasnt looking well for the ward activity but by lunch time the sun came out and turned into a great day. We visited it for a while. We brought Diogo along the new convert and he enjoyed the time as well as we did. I think we would have enjoyed it a little more if we can prepared with the right clothing. We played soccer with the ward but we still had our missionary clothes on, we had fun none the less and made the best of it! 
Thats something I have learned a lot about, no matter what we are doing that we enjoy the moment and make the best of it. I have also learned that when you are working diligently and efficiently than you are happy. Work makes you happy because you forget about yourself and worry more on the salvation of others. We speak to many people daily and fulfill our purpose by inviting "them" to come to Christ and accept the gospel. I know God is a loving God though because he returns the favor as we also come closer to Him and his son Jesus Christ. 
We met with our friend Steven this past week and he is progressing in the gospel. It was great to hear as he said he had been reading a chapter every night before going to bed. The words of God do heal the soul and it is neat to just be the instrument in the hand of the Lord. Receiving a testimony of the Book of Mormon is an essential part of becoming converted to the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ and many times those we work with either dont read or dont understand what we read. I can imagine it being difficult to receive a testimony to something you dont understand and that is why our role is so key to help them understand and we do that best with reading with them. We have been doing that more often and it does help and also helps them gain the desire to read on their own because they understand. As we understand we receive knowledge, the knowledge of the truth. 
A miracle story of the week, so it all started back on Tuesday I was on an exchanged with another Elder in the zone and we were working here in Stuttgart. We went by a less active after an appointment and unfortunately he wasnt home but we told his landlord to tell us we had dropped by. Two days later I was on another exchanged with Elder Talbert in the International Ward also here in Stuttgart and we were going to an appointment and I recognized the area we were in. It was the same area we were in just two days earlier. We had to go to the appointment but it sadly fell out so we had some time and decided to go by on this less active once more. Again he wasnt home but we talked to his roommate to give him the message. Deep down I know that one way or another he would get the message. Well the next day after exchanging back Elder Nielson said that he had gotten a call from the Mission Office who said that they had received a call from a member in our ward in the hospital and had requested a visit. We went that night and we was so happy to see us, saying that both his landlord and roommate had told him we had come by. He felt our love and the love of God reach out to him, and he explained that he also had someone for us who was interested in meeting with us! Miracles happen everyday because God lives and he loves us, that is the foundation of my testimony and of these things I know to be true. 
I love you and hope you have a wonderful last week of school! Give it your best and enjoy each moment! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
 Dino Museum is closed on Mondays, but we stopped on our way to play ultimate frisbee

P-Day ice cream

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