Monday, April 28, 2014

The Solution!

 Mercedes Benz Soccer Area here in Stuttgart. Its really big here and on the weekends when they have games, everyone is crazy with their scarfs and beer!

 Dinner at the Gierschkes
Well hello today! Hope all is well with you, it sure sounded like it for hearing from you and your many activities going on this past week. Our weather was also up and down with rain and sun shine but none the less it was a good week! We actually had a very good week and I enjoyed it very much so. There was a lot of crazy things going on and sometimes times of stress just with everything going on but looking back at the week, you feel a peace at heart and know you have done what the Lord wants. Success can be looked at in many different ways and I am glad that we can feel in our heart after all we have done in our diligence that the Lord is pleased with what we have done. But that doesnt mean, the fight is over. Today is a new day with new challenges and opportunities and how great it is to live today! 
At the beginning of the week we had two different exchanges one right after another and I was both here in Stuttgart and so that is what I was talking about when crazy things going on just having to be in charge of the area for a few days but at the end it was worth it because of the feeling I felt. We had an exchange with the Assistants and the day went differently as planned. We got an unexpected call from a member from Utah (a return missionary) who was coming into Stuttgart to work on his family history. He needed help getting in contact with a member to work on that and also find the city where his ancestors where from. We did our best helping him and then went off to a lesson with Ilja who is doing pretty well. We hope he can get serious in the Book of Mormon and read daily to strengthen his faith because he has had doubts in the past and we know reading daily can give him the strength. And then coming back from that we meet another member who is less active and living in another area but we talked to him on the train back home and encourage him to make the changes he needs to, to come back. Kind of a lot going on and that is it in a nut shell but at the end of the day climbing into bed, I felt this feeling I cant explain of happiness. I believe it was and feeling of peace because of the service we had offered that day to others no matter who it was. Member or not, as disciple of Christ we are to serve everyone no matter who they are as we all struggle and need help one time or another. It was a neat experience. 
Miracle story for the week is so great and the solution and answer to many of our prayers! So about a week before I got here, Diogo was baptized. He is a 9 year old convert and we have been working with him for the past few months and I might have mentioned him before. He is living with his mom and uncle and the situation is not the best so this past week when we were there, we knew he had been going to his dads house the past couple weeks and we wanted to see if we could visit him to just as good missionaries would do. We got the address from his mom and we went over and the dads girlfriend (Liliana) was there but he wasnt. We talked with her shortly and made out an appointment to come back and she was very interested. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read the intro. When we came back and met with both of them she had read and she is just so open and ready for the gospel. She had many good questions and Filipe (Diogos Dad) also knew quite a bit about the church. The circumstances there are much better and we are so excited to work with this family and have the gospel bless their family. I am so grateful for the gospel and that we can live it daily within the family and grow love and experience joy and true happiness together. I am grateful for my family and that we can know that we are an eternal family! 
I love you all for now and for eternity, hope you have a great week! 
Alles gute! 
Elder Jerman

We had a "grill" with some members and investigators

It was great!

The District, also with one of the Sister's investigators. 

It was fun to be with all of them!

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