Monday, June 2, 2014

Lehi's Dream

Last Suttgart District picture before the Bensons go home!

Family!! Great to hear that summer has started off great back home. I hope you have a great one making memories and spending time together with loved ones. Time is something I dont think we will ever quite grasp how precious it is but we still can use it well! I cant believe the May has come and gone and now our time in June starts up. We had a great end of May has we finished up the week. We were in Munich on Thursday and Friday. We had our leadership council meeting and it was quite special as it was the last one for President and Sister Miles. I was quit privilege to be there and to hear their testimonies and as we sang our closing hymn to see them tear up. I thought of them and all that they have given to these people and to the Lord these last 3 years. They are wonderful examples and we will miss them. They will still be coming around for one last zone conference with everyone in a few weeks and then they will be off. Also on that note the Bensons will be heading home tomorrow!! They have also been great and yesterday at church it was really neat at the very end after sacrament meeting ended the ward stood up and sand, God be with You Till We Meet again. They have been great here in Stuttgart the last 21 months. We did get to meet the new couple as well, The Zauggs from Texas will be serving here and we are excited to work with them. As we were singing that song I thought and I hope that I can on my last Sunday say that I gave all I could in serving my time for my mission. There is still much to do and I am grateful for the time I still have, a good reminder to stay concentrated on the work and on these wonderful people here. 
Things are well in Stuttgart, we had good contact with those we are teaching and are making progress with them all, exercising our faith along the way in finding new to teach. That is one thing that is so important and nothing gets done in missionary work until we have someone to teach. You never know who will be the one who will receive you and who the Lord has prepared I think back on Steven when we found him about a month ago on a day for him where he was struggling and think that if we hadnt opened our mouths because of this or that but because we obeyed both us but more importantly he was blessed. We have met twice with him this week, and it has been a blessing for meeting so often. He has made great progress, I can remember the first time we met and he couldnt say he believed on God but now he is at the point where that faith has grown. It hasnt grown because of what we taught but rather because of what he has experienced. Knowing that God lives and he loves us is the foundation of our testimony and as we share that love with others and invite them to experience it as well, that is how they will gain the knowledge. I love how this gospel is a living striving gospel where we can live it to come to the knowledge of the truth of it. We also met with Lilliana and her family. They are doing well but she seemed stressed out just as any other mother with children. We talked about the Family A Proclamation the World and the blessings. Something else neat this week was that a themed presented itself as the week moved on. At the end of the week I think we taught about Lehi`s Dream 4 or 5 times whether it be with investigator, member or less active but it goes back to a living gospel and how we walked the path clinging to the rod to the tree of life. We cant stay still or we wont progress towards it, we most do something in order to get there. I am grateful that we can walked that path everyday and also invite others to get on the path no matter where they are. 
One neat thing was going on an exchange this week to Ulm! I know that Adam served there and it was neat being there and remember that and the service of him and many others who has served in the past around the whole world. This is a great cause and the time and effort is worth it to bring Gods children back to him. I am grateful for the time I have to serve and I am also grateful that this service doesnt end once I get released. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong service and blessing. I love God and the calling he has given me! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week enjoying the summer time!! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
With Elder Nielson at a pretty park close to König Straße.
​His companion, Elder Nielson had this in his letter.  "Steven is making great progress.  I love him so much!  We met with him two times last week and taught him first the plan of Salvation and then second we talked about Prayer.  We have a great relationship with him and he loves to meet :)  Were seriously so blessed to teach such a wonderful young man...  right now he is still struggling to pray.  So when you pray for him can you pray that he will have the Faith and the confidence to pray and that he may know that Heavenly Father wants to hear from him?  We are planning to meet with him this week and teach him about faith.  Because he said when he prays he really wants to do it with all faith.
Oh haha cool side note. He read Lehi´s dream the other day and so we also talked a lot about that and he didn´t understand the great and spacious building very well. So we explained it... then, after the lesson we went outside and there were a couple of young kids who were being a bit.. well let’s just say sassy with us and after we went by Steven made the connection that those kids were like the people in the great a spacious building who were pointing their fingers haha :) It was awesome.

Another cool side note for all "füßball" fans.  The Coach of the USA SOCCER team in the world cup is from Stuttgart.  So Germany will be representing America there haha  .

P-Day fun in Stuttgart.

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