Monday, February 3, 2014

Trust in Him

 Today we dressed up - Elder Moon, Sister Smith and Elder Jerman

Hey family! 
Another week are in the books and another one is to start off! Its great we can wake up everyday make the decision to have a good day! Its our choice and we can make the best of it! Its been a good week, we have been finding some great people to teach but the hard thing is meeting with them again. Its a nerve racking and you wish you could just make them come and meet but its good to learn lots on agency and know that all will work out in the Lords time if it be now or later but as we commit ourselves to him in service we will see success! Thats one of the biggest things I have learned while being out here! Service is the best! Unfortunatly we havent been able to meet with Haiko or Kat who we had started teaching last week. But a neat miracle story for this week is on Wednesday we were at our stop waiting for our street train to come and an older lady came up to us and asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses, we told her no and then she asked if we were from the Latter Day Saints! We told her, Yes we sure are! We had a good talk and she had some great questions, and she actually had some time later that day to meet! We decided to change our plans up a little and go by! We found a joint teach to come with us within the few hours and made it happen! She is the sweetest old lady, we invited her to church and she came! She didnt stay the whole time but we had fasted as a mission that the people that both we and the members invited would accept the invitation! Fasting works miracles and we are all in it together. 
This week we went to Munich for a Mission Leadership Council, all the zone leaders around the mission from Zurich to Vienna came and we met together and talked about the next month and where we want to go with the mission. It was so neat to be with President Miles and his guidance in this work here. It was really cool as we talked about many different things and this next week we will be passing it onto the zone here! One thing that I loved from the conference was when we talked about prayer and how when we dont get an answer sometimes we dont feel he hears or that we arent worthy for an answer but it was comforting to learn that God has more trust in us than we think. He wants us to make choices on our own so we can learn and put our trust in him and asked for his support instead of always asking what is next. It would be defeating his purpose if he always showed us the way, we wouldnt learn and progress as he knows we can. He knows us perfect and exactly what we need to make the next step and thats how we live sometimes is not always seeing far ahead but just enough so we can take the next step. I love that we can always learn knowledge and show our trust in him by living daily the gospel of Christ. Our everyday little decision will be make a greater difference than we ever would think. What a great gift we truly have and the great trust he has given us. 
I love my family and am so thankful for you! I love you very much and have a wonderful week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

Our District went to lunch today for Sister Benson's birthday - so fun!  

Stuttgart District out in style!   My comp is the other one wearing lader hosen.  So fun wearing them around town!

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