Monday, February 17, 2014

We Matter to Him

Valentines Dinner at Mongolian restaurant
Liebe Familie!
Sounds like you all have had a great week and spent some great time together with the relatives! Families are so beautiful and a great part of Gods plan for us and our happiness. Its so neat to talk to people on the street and tell them restored truth that their family can live together forever! We are so blessed to have the knowledge of these truths and to study and to live accordingly so our knowledge, faith and testimony grows so we find joy in life even through the tough time and we have a better endurance to make it through them! This week was a great week and some pretty darn cool experience, I love that the best way we learn is by living it and then by experience we learn! Two experiences this week I want to share are the following. The first one has to do with knowing if we are being prompted from the Spirit or if its just us making it up. A big question we all have! Elder Bednar gives great advice of just not worry about it as we are just good people and do good things. We were contacting and going along the way, we decided to talk with someone who was a little out of the way but was prompted to do so. He had no interest and we kept going, the next person we talk to as we pass by said that Christ lives, we stopped her and had a very good talk and gave her a Book of Mormon, before she left she said thank you and said that she is on the search. We might have never met with her if we didnt first talk with the first guy. We could have lost faith after talking to him thinking it was just us making up a decision but we moved forward in faith and found this other women! We need to not make so many thoughts over if its from Him or just from us. He trusts us to do what is right, and as we do good and move forward in faith we will see miracles. The other small story is we had planned to go someone and we had to take the street train to get there. At the place where we got on there are many street trains that go through, we get on the first one and quickly find out its the one that goes the wrong direction so we had to change and go back and then keep going and then change one more time. It was just pretty crazy and we were not expecting any of it. But through it I wanted to keep a good attitude and make the best of it. I thought, "hey what a great opportunity to talk to one more person." It was great even though not much time to take with them and as the train keeps going to see them and have them wave with a smile on their face! Ooo I love that as we serve others! We finally get there and he wasnt home, what a let down but as we were walking we talked with someone and had a great conversation about the family and eternal life, she is not married but very open and interested in our belief. She doesnt belong to a church at the moment and we set up an appointment for this week! I know that is the reason why we were supposed to go there was for her. To find the one lost and in need. God works in mysterious ways and as we enjoy the journey and make the best of it even if its not going our way and its takes us a different way (wrong train) we can still do see success and joy as we trust in him!
This week we also met with Sigrid our investigator who found us, and yesterday she came to church! It was great to have her there and be with the ward! She is doing well and making progress. We also met Zedan this week and it was cool how we met him. We were teaching his neighbor who actually didnt have any interest but referred us to his neighbor Zedan and he is so cool and we are excited to work with him! We had two exchanges this week, I got to go to Esslingen and work with two other missionaries so there was 3 of us which was a chance but way neat as we went by a less active and found out that he had passed away 6 months away but we got to sit down and talk with her. Great to comfort her and read in the Book of Mormon. We gave her one and committed her to read and she accepted! She said, I know that he will be happy with me! It was a neat experience! Also did an exchanged with a missionary who is struggling, it was good to help lift and support him and motivate him in the work. A mission is not always the easiest thing but I know it is worth it and He is so proud of what we have done. We matter to Him and as we move forward in faith and trust in him with whatever challenges he brings to us I know we will feel that love he has for everyone of us. 
I love you all so much and I am grateful for your love, pass it on this next week and have a great week! 
Much love,
Elder Jerman
 At the Gierschke's home
 One of their kids with my name tag! 

 We had spƤtzle for dinner - yum!

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