Monday, February 10, 2014

Guten Morgen!

Well its been quite the week! Its been a good one for sure and many great things are going on in the beautiful city of Stuttgart. This week we had two meetings with our Zone.On Tuesday we had a Zone Training where we trained the missionaries about what we learned from the Mission Leadership Council in Munich. A spiritual and uplifting time for all of us. Then on Saturday we had our Zone Conference where both the Assistants and President and Sister Miles who came to be with us and teach us. These meeting are always so good and I come away with a bigger desire to serve and do this work. President Miles talked about the Book of Mormon and the great tool it is in our missionary work. It is the greatest tool we can use to have those we work with feel the Spirit and as both us and them live by the teachings we learn from it we will come to know of the truthfulness! We talk about these things over and over again but President Hinckley once said that a repetition of restored truth can stir within us to strengthen our testimonies. We need that strengthening nutrition everyday as we go throughout life with our many challenges so that we can be ready to make the right decision and stay on that righteous path the Lord has set before us. Our continued righteous living will shaped us to who he knows we can become, its not something that comes overnight or maybe even not over a few months but as we strive to keep doing the things we know we should be doing we will receive the peace and happiness he has promised us all. 
On Monday we had an appointment with a guy named Andrea, his wife is a member and we have been working with him the last little while. He has been making some great progress the last few times we meet with him. Unfortunately its not that often as he travels a lot but his progress has come by reading in the Book of Mormon. It really is so key in our conversion and continual strength to keep living the gospel. He had a very strong spiritual experience last time and understands the Plan of Salvation really well. He knows what he needs to do but is afraid because so, he has some things that is hard to give up and he knows what a big change it will be in his life. But its neat to see the Spirit work with him and he now understands wine isnt as important. Every one can change and the Spirit can work within them, we need to have the faith and love to see it and let them know it is possible. God knows it is possible for his children. 
A neat miracle story for the week, it was Saturday night after our Zone Conference we had some time that night and decided to go by two less actives, one that we had gone by before and said to try again another day. So Saturday was the day and we ring and told him through the speaker who we were and he said, "okay Tschüß" or goodbye. So we go by on the other one and he rings us in and we walk to his door and he sees who we are and invites us right in! He takes our coats and has us take a seat. It was great to get to know him and have a lesson him with him right then. He showed us his pictures when we got baptized and it seemed like he hadnt been to church for a while. It was so great to read with him in the Book of Mormon and discuss with him the blessings or doing so. At the end we asked him to pray and he did it willing. It was a great prayer and as he did I thought to myself, "this man probably hasnt prayed out loud like that for a good few years:" We all have a chance to return and to change. God is always there, he always has been and always will. We can feel his love in our daily lives and one day be lead back to him. 
I love my family and hope you have a great week. A special wish to Amy and hope you have a great birthday! 
Viel Liebe,
Elder Jerman
Zone Leaders - Elder Jerman and Elder Moon with Sister Smith and Sister Gilmour

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