Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Today is the day!  Everyone was home for the holiday so we had all day to get ready.  The boys brought in the ladder and hung up Jason's snowflakes all over our family room ceiling.  The girls made yellow posters.  Roger borrowed a banner and we printed Elder Jerman's name to put on it.

 We also borrowed a Christmas light sign and changed it to say,  "Elder Jerman".
 We bought yellow balloons and yellow ribbons and a few yellow t-shirts so we could all be in yellow.
So many hours!  Finally, we loaded the car at 5:00 to head to the airport.

 The Crew is all here

 Ready and

 waiting and
waiting until . . . we finally see him!
 Yippee! but it is a long wait just to get him down the escalator!

 and loves.
 Oh, he looks so great!!!  He is home!
 Brothers again
 and all the sisters.
 Mom and Dad so glad to have their boy home.

All together again.  What a Happy Reunion!

 Granny and Granddad treated us all to dinner at The Black Bear Diner.
 Then we traveled home.  Welcome Home Elder Jerman!
 and again in German.

 Finally home!
 Yup, there are your snowflakes
 and Amy made you cupcakes to look like the German flag.
He was so excited to show us his German hat!

and he wondered if we could tell from the bottom of his shoes, which side he carried his shoulder bag on.

So tired after 18 hours of traveling today and it would now be his 6:30 in the morning back in Germany, so he has been awake for 24 hours.  He wasn't sick a day on his mission but lost his lunch at the Atlanta airport.  Time to let our missionary go to bed.  He is still an Elder and made it to bed by 10:30 p.m.  Even his 13 year old "companion" brother went with him while the other kids stayed up to play games and bang pans outside to bring in the new year.  Oh, Happy New Year!!!!!

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