Monday, December 1, 2014

Daily Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal on Monday in Vienna
December 1, 2014

Daily Thanksgiving

Hey Family!! 
Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving, spending time with the family and giving much thanks. As well as eating lots of good American Thanksgiving food, oh I miss that but last Monday we pulled off a pretty darn good Thanksgiving feast with the other missionaries. On Thanksgiving day we didnt have a real Thanksgiving meal, but we did have a spiritual feast as it turned into a really neat day where we could give much thanks. So let me explain, last week we met a man from Spain who didnt have the best of German but we communicated with him enough to know that he was interested and wanted us to come back and give him a Book of Mormon in Spanish. We had no set appointment with him but decided to go on Thursday and bring along a couple in our ward who speaks Spanish. Remember no appointment was set out but we went with him to his house and he said Hola through the speaking box and I said Hola back and then something else in Spanish and the couple said he was coming down to get us. We went in and had the couple explain the Book of Mormon and give their testimonies as they are both converts of about two years. I am grateful that they had the chance to share their testimonies with him, and there was a special spirit in the room even though we didnt catch everything going on. Then later that night met with Frau Sulzenbacher who is doing well and making good progress. 
This was a great week and many things to be grateful for. I went on an exchange with an Elder in the district and we were in his area. At the beginning we had the goal to recognize the miracles that happened throughout the exchange and it was so neat to see the small miracles one after another happen. Even that of talking with a man on the street on a bike that didnt believe in God but we gave him a pamphlet and he put it in his bike and rode off and thinking nothing of it and then later during the day we were in another part of the area and he rides by on his bike with the pamphlet in his bike bucket!! I think God was trying to give some hints that he is real and he loves him and he wants him to know that! We also went by a less active that let us in and we met with him, shared a message and the other Elders will go back and help with some service in his apartment. As we recognize the small miracles that happen everyday, because they do happen, we will be filled with the joy and love that God has for us and his children. 
We had a really fun weekend as we got to help out at the Annual International Bazaar here in Vienna. Its a fundraiser they do every year and the missionaries have helped before and we did again this year. Friday we helped set things up and then Saturday it happened. It was so neat! There was representatives from all over the world and they all had their stands with unique things they were selling. Also many sorts of food as well, it was fun to be there for lunch and go around seeing all the different options for lunch, we finally decided with Pakistanian food. The best was helping out and serving, we were stationed at the charity shop, it was similar to a flee shop and we sold things and fun to bargain with people and just serve. Also to see and talk with people around the whole world! It brought up some good conversations about the church and even one about family history. Great to wear Christs name where ever we go or what ever we are doing to represent him and his gospel. Then right after we went to a baptism in our district, we were running a little late but it worked out perfect because one of their investigators was also late and was sitting outside sad that she was late and didnt want to go in anymore. We talked with her and then went together to the baptism. As we serve the Lord makes up for the rest and make things come together. I am grateful that I can serve Him and His children, especially at this time of year. What a great gift to give, the gift of service! 
I love my family and I am so thankful for you and wish you a very safe and happy week!!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
Elder Anderson and I at the Schönbrunn Christmas Markt.
 Today at the Schönbrunn Christmas Markt.

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