Monday, November 10, 2014

A Way for Everyone

The 4 of us at Schönbrunn today with great weather!! :)
Hope all is well, it sure sounds like all is well and thats great to
hear. All is well in Vienna even the weather is staying on the sunning
side! Today we visited Schönbrunn without a jacket and the sun was
shinning bright! Its kind of neat living in such a neat place! I love
Vienna! Hey some fun news from Stuttgart if you remember Liliana, she
has a baptismal date for the beginning of the year! Fun to hear the
work moves on and no effort is wasted. Yesterday at church we had a
lesson on planting those seeds and not loosing hope if you personally
dont see a lot happen. Agency plays a big role and we can only control
our own and how we diligently work in the Lords vineyard. I am
grateful for the time to work in this part of the vineyard.
Felix is doing well and making good progression, we just need to get
him to church. Its a little hard because he has a fear of many people
and also his diabieties. He is a great guy though and understands the
gospel really well, we had a lesson with him where we read a little in
the Book of Mormon and then discussed the Restoration and by the end
of that he had recognized the Spirit really strong and its so neat the
Spirit that comes as we share our special message of the truth being
restored. Our friend Daniel is also coming along and I am always so
impressed with him. He is only a 20 year old Austrian but is so wise
and knows what is important in life which sadly to say is not the norm
here. We are truly blessed to teach them but at the same time learn
just as much from them and their example. Daniel mentioned not
doubting makes it a lot easier to believe and he truly has a gift of
This last week we also came in contact with this great family. The
Elders in St. Pölten (Elder Andersons old area and actually where
Elder Seamons is right now) contacted a family on the street and they
lived in our area here in Vienna. We went by and they invited us very
friendly to come in. It is a dad and his two kids who are from Syria
and have been here about a year and a half. The kids can speak really
good German but the father not so much so we translate through them
but they are very open to all. We will be helping him learn German but
also he is interested in our message. He had a Muslim background but
was a hard worker and never had time to really learn about it so they
are open to learn and understand the gospel. It was neat as we
explained prayer and they said they wanted to learn. Its cool as well
as the kids are apart of it as they translate, that they can also be
learning (10 year old son and 14 year old daughter). The Lord is
preparing a way for all his children to hear and understand the gospel
and they have gone through a humbling experience to have them open to
listen. Every person is a percious child of God and all need what he
wants to share with them so they can return to his presence. The
gospel is true and the work keeps moving forward.
I love my family and know the gospel has played a great role in our
life. I share this joy we have experienced with others every day. That
is a reason why I am here to have this joy we have experienced to
share it and help others know how they can also enjoy it. All is made
possilbe through Jesus Christ and his gospel.
Have a great week and especially you mom! I love you all and Happy Birthday!!
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman
With my new companion, Elder Anderson, in Vienna

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