Monday, December 29, 2014

Ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi

Last Sunday in the Field
Liebe Familie,
Well, this is it. I dont know what to say, a mission is all I have known the last two years and this next week it will all be over and I will be coming home. I cant quite figure out what I am feeling or if I am even feeling any different because today I am still a missionary doing missionary things, what I have been used to and what I have loved. Life moves on and its an exciting time and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve a mission, to serve others and the Lord. Whats neat is that the service will not end, when I come on there will still be many opportunities to serve my brothers and sisters no matter who they are or where they are from. Its a part of life, its what Christ did and its his invitation to follow him not only for 2 years or 1 1\2 but for all entire lives and I am grateful for learning that the past 2 years. 
It was a great last week and one I will never forget, especially being Christmas and not for me but for others. Being with 2 others, being in Vienna and having it finally snow the past two days, its been great and I love the Lords work. I have really come to found out that its about others. Everything we do is about caring and loving others. That is everything Christ did, he did it for us, all of us. Its been neat to get lost in the work and think of others and how we can serve and help them understand and believe its Gods great plan for us. I have learned that through the small experience of having a conversation and making someone days as we leave, or sharing this message of hope and giving them a wrapped up Book of Mormon and seeing a smile on their face. It truly is through small and simple works that this great work comes to be. Every soul is precious to God and the work gets done one by one. Its been such a special Christmas, at the beginning of the week we got a list from the Relief Society President of members who would be along this Christmas or would enjoy visit. As we went throughout our week we planned in our days to go by these people and help them have a memorable Christmas. On Christmas Eve we had a neat miracle of going by a member (an older single lady in the ward) We had just came from an appointment and traveled to her place. She lives quite far away and up in the hills on the outer part of Vienna and there is only one bus that goes up there. We got to the bus stop and found out it only comes once an hour and it came 2 minutes later. We went up and visited her and then knew when the bus was coming back and caught it just in time. We sang with her and just visited and she was very appreciative of it. I know that God help time that perfectly, it couldnt have been better. Those that need it, if the desire is there and we ask for his help in our service, miracles will happen. Over all just visiting these people that needed it was so special and having things work out perfectly for them to enjoy Christmas and mostly enjoy Christ..
I would like to end with a Christmas miracle as we were going about in our service. It was on Christmas day and we were at the Vienna main train station. We were looking for a grocery store that would be open because the member we were visiting for lunch needed a few items. We couldnt find anything open, being Christmas day, but we decided to ask around a little bit. We asked this guy and found out quickly he wasnt from Vienna rather from America. We connected right off and fun to talk with him, we find out that he had bought a one way ticket to Europe as he was wanting to find out some questions in life. He recognized us because just a few days earlier he was in Slovakia and two missionaries showed him the "He is the Gift" film. And now he had his 2nd chance meeting us in Vienna, I think God was answering his pray by sending missionaries to him in two different countries. Especially being Europe and not having many opportunities. We exchanged info and set out to meet again on Saturday. Well he came and we sat down, gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about his questions and concerns. He wants to belong to somewhere, be a part of something and feel loved. I know this is the place for him, this is the place for everyone. I know the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth today. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and President Monson leads us today. I know Christ lives and I know he is my Redeemer. Because of him so much is possible and he is inviting us to come to him. My time as a full time missionary is just about over but I know that my time as a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ has just begone and will continue into the eternity. I have loved my mission and grateful for it, I love you and I love my brothers and sisters, all of them and am humbled to serve on as life goes on. 

Liebe Grüße.
Elder Jason Jerman
Elder Monson, Elder Jerman and Elder Worthen -a "Drit"
Good-bye Austria, Germany, the people, members, companions and missionaries. 

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