Monday, December 8, 2014

Wonderful time of year

Hey Family!! 
Great to hear all is well at the beginning of this Christmas season. It has started off well here as well. Its a great time of year and I am so grateful to serve and give the gift of Christ everyday. I love learning more about Him and then giving testimony. I have been reading in 3 Nehphi this past week and to read of his ministry and how he treated those people. I love my Savior and so happy to be here with these people helping them found out what a great gift he is! We had a neat opportunity to do so, it was truly a miracle and I know that God watches out for all his children. So we get a callWednesday night from a member seeing if we could help do some service Friday morning with someone they didnt know but had received a call from a missionary couple in Bulgaria. We went over Friday to help not knowing what to expect, and right before getting there the thought came to mind, we should have brought a book in Bulgarian. The service went great, we helped them move out, and we found out that the dad, his friends cousin is a Mormon and knows him pretty well. So there was already a good connection, at the end we asked him if he wanted to learn more, of course he asked for a Book of Mormon! Luckily they were staying until that night before going back to Bulgaria so we had the opportunity to go back later that day and give him the book and explain it a little with his broken German. It was so neat that we could serve in more than one way and help him and his family further along their path, no matter where they are from, we are all children of God who need the gospel.
We had some neat appointments this week with some new friends of the church. I love being in an area for a good amount of time, its so neat to see how it takes time and the steps of finally meeting up with someone. First they are found and information is exchanged then you try and call and set something up, it doesnt always work out, weeks might past but you dont let them slip through any cracks, and then to finally meet up is something special and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn patience and know that everything has its time and God has his will. We met with a man who has a family! He is from Romania and is German is coming along. At the time we met him about 2 months ago he had just found a religion and he explained to us how it change his life for him and his family. He wasnt religious at all before and we know this is a preparation for him as God is preparing him, he is open to read in the Book of Mormon and it might take some time but it was neat to be with him and his family. Also on the note of being here in Vienna for some time now, we were contacting and got out of a bus and a less active member did as well, I havent seen him for a good 4 months or so but so cool to recognize each other and at the end hug good bye. We invited him to the Christmas party and hopefully he can make it! Also just today, bumped into an old investigator that we lost contact with. I am grateful to be in Vienna and help some have a 2nd chance! 
Our appointment with Frau Sulzenbacher this week was really good! I feel she is really making progress now, before it was very slim and kind of hard to till but as we have been bold and helped her see the importance of reading and praying daily and then having her actually do it, it has made a big difference and I know she is blessed for it. She still has a way to go but step by step she is getting there! I cant emphasize enough the importance of the basic in this true church. God doesnt want it to be confusing or hard to do the things he has asked. As we focus on whats most important and do it daily we will truly be blessed in many ways, one coming closer to Him and his Son Jesus Christ, growing faith to following those things expected from us. I love the simplicity of the gospel and know that is is true! 
I love my family, each and everyone of you. I hope you have a great week! 
Liebe Grüße,
Elder Jerman

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