Monday, November 4, 2013

Short but sweet

My lovly Family!
How are all doing this week? Fun to hear about a great week with friends and family. Its so great to spend time together with those we love and I thank everyone of you for the love you show me, I feel it and am supported by it. And sorry but this week is going to be cut a little short too as today we were at Frau Sherer s house and was helping her in her yard and house. We were actually at Frau Sherer s house on Halloween helping her out as she is trying to move soon. It was great though and I loved when one group of kids came to the door. They were the only ones but glad they can have some fun over here too. The day after Halloween was a holdiday here in Germany and our plans got kind of change around. We were going to take a bus to a city but found out the hard way that buses dont go AT ALL on holidays. But it turned out well we got to talked to many people that day and had some good conversations. Its great when someone does take the time and speak with you. Its so neat to rely on the Spirit to try and discern peoples needs just if you are speaking with them for a couple minutes. Something they say will can always relate back to the gospel as we listen with love and not think about what to say next. That sometimes can be hard especially when youve got to say it in German but its takes time and practice and just like conversion its a process. Our whole life is a big process of many different things, of learning and growing. We are so lucky we can get up everyday and make that decision to do good. I know that as we do that, we will bring good about others and ourselves as we serve. Its not easy and can take a sacrifice but as we serve the Lord, He will draw close to us as well as those we serve.
Rita our investigator is making some great progress as we met with her on Saturday with a couple in our ward who are both converts and when we are there, there is always a special feeling and I know she feels the Spirit. As we have the faith and ask our Father in Heaven we must also know that when we do recieve a answer we will act upon it with faith. I know we will be blessed as we follow what the Lord wants because he does know what is best for us. I love you all and things are going well here. Hope you have a wonderful week and love life!
I love my family!
Elder Jerman
Elder Young, Elder Hoggan and his apple Jack-O-Lantern and Elder Jerman
Here is us on Halloween night. Elder Hoggan carved an apple. We got home a little later but we celebrated with some ice cream. We were at an serving at an investigators house that night and one group of kids came by for candy. luckly she had some candy she using gives to the mailman but either than that she didnt but it was enough and fun to see one group but either than that nothing else. oh but we all wore orange ties, I gave one to elder Hoggan for the day it was great!
Elder Jerman
Elder Seamons and Elder Jerman in the inner city of Munich

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