Monday, November 18, 2013

Harvesting the field

My birthday - wearing same tie as other 3 "Kerr"ent (cousins) missionaries

Family Family!
We had another great week and I know God is a God of miracles. We have a goal in our mission to get 290 children God baptized by the end of the year. We still have a long way to go but its been the coolest thing to refocus on that and work diligently and faithfully towards that worthy goal and then see the miracles come from it. We have for sure seen the miracles come from it. We set another baptismal date this week!!! Her name is Samra and she is from Bosnia, we met her and her family on the street about a month ago and she and her husband has been coming to German class that we are teaching. We have been meeting with her now for the last two weeks and she accepted a baptismal date for the 29th a December. God knows we can reach our goal and he is showing us as we believe and hope we really can work miracles through his power. This is his work and his glory and he needs us to fulfill his goal of helping his children receive immortality and eternal life. Its been so neat to meet with her as well as Rita and learn so much from them. I learn and my testimony is strengthen as we meet and discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are so ready and it is humbling God is giving those who are prepared. One thing Samra said was she explained how she has always read in the Bible but now with the Book of Mormon she is understanding Gods plan and she said, "This book fills in the gaps of the Bible." So cool as we see how the Bible and Book of Mormon work hand in hand to give the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Rita is also doing well and every time we go over it is reconfirmed on how prepared she is! We met twice this week with her and had members present and its great that they are making relationships with her and beginning a friendship. Members are so important to be there and support her as she is welcomed in this church and ward here in Rosenheim. She needs that love and support more than ever right now as she is preparing for this change in her life. She visited her parents this last week and her brother was also there and she told them about it and her brother not being at all religious told her some things that made her doubt if this really was for her. It was a trialing time but as we met after she came back we told her how she knows she has received an answer and that she knows this is the right decision. We all need to stay strong to our faith in what we know to be true. We should doubt our doubts before doubting our faith. (mentioned in general conference) Its made me think about life and how its a journey of progression. There are times in life we were do fall, its apart of life, God is perfectly aware of it and he knows are weaknesses and concerns. He has us fall because he knows we need to grow and learn something in that time in our life. He knows we CAN get back up with his help and the through the help of the Atonement of Christ. We receive strength and are faith grows as we decide to get back up and keep going. God is a loving God and will help us through it all if we let him and if trust in him.
My birthday was great! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We were actually on an exchanged with the Zone Leaders from Munich and I was here in Rosenheim with an Elder who actually served here. We went to a less active to do service, we cut and trimmed a tree and I loved it! I got to use a cutting saw and oh it was fun. That night we had a lesson with Rita and I shared a personal experience about attendance of church and the Spirit was so strong. Personal experiences are key as we show are personal feelings and experience the Spirit can teach well through us. It was a great birthday present to feel the love God has for me and for those we are teaching and for every single person and this whole earth!
One last thing this week is we got our bikes fixed!! Yep who knew we had bikes but we had them and have been broken ever since I have been here and we finally go them fixed and I absolutely love it! We have used them a couple times and they are so useful to go from here to there and the bike roads are very nice here in Germany so makes it even more fun. Just yesterday we took a bike trip to a city about 10 miles out and found a new investigator and went by an a less active that lives in the middle of no where!! I love bikes! Too bad the snow season is just around the corner, but no problem we will keep pressing forward. Love you all so very much and have a great week!
Elder Jerman
Day before my birthday at zone training.  I got a Döner and then they put candles in it! Great Elders I have to be around. 

One other thing, this one is for dad. DAD! I met a missionary that was in your 6th grade class! We were at zone training this last tuesday and we met each other and after the meeting he came up to me and ask if I knew a Roger Jerman! It was so fun to make that connection! He is a year younger than me but his name is Alec Deleuwe. Fun times!
My birthday in the mountains in Kiefersfelden. 

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