Monday, November 25, 2013


A couple notes from responses to our email of questions:    Its been fun to tell a couple members already about thanksgiving and christmast tradtions about getting a real christmas tree and cutting it down. they love it and I am so grateful for having a family that would do such tradtions!  Unfortantly we didnt make it to our Thanksgiving dinner. the other two elders did and also the elders in Neuötting (where actually the family lives) but we missed our train as we were in another city helping a less active. They brought some home for us so no worries! :)  We really are so blessed and I have learned alot being here in Europe, we meet people all around from Europe and the middle east. They come to germany because its one of the safest places and where they can really have a life, family and job. We are so blessed to be Americans.

Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful family!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and remember to be grateful for all the many many blessings we have as a family and as people. Being on a mission has taught me a lot and I have learned and appreciate more the blessings we do have. We meet many people all around Europe and the Middle East here in Germany that come here to find safety, a job and not having to worry about big problems like that. We sure are grateful to be American and have freedom and to be raised in such a good place. We actually met a 20 yr. old boy from Mali that has been here only about 3 months. Its kind of a cool story, we went by a former investigator that we had before but didnt have anytime and we go by again and see that someone is there with her, we didnt want to disturb but decided to ring anyway. She let us in and this guy from Mali opened up about his life in Mali and Libya and all the hard things he has gone through including war, prison and coming here by boat. We dont know how blessed we really are in our living conditions. Afterwards she thanked us for coming and bringing our Spirit so that he was able to feel comfortable and open up to us so he could let it all out. I hope we all take the time this week to be grateful for what we have and not just this week but every week.
Some fun and exciting news for this week. We got transfer calls this last Thursday morning and President Miles called and asked Elder Seamons to pack his bags as he will be gonig to Vienna and then I got the news that I will be receiving a brand new Missionary! A Greenie, a Golden! We will be going Wednesday night to Munich and then coming back Thursday, it will be an exciting time and it will be great because we will go right to work. Its been neat to be here the last few months and see the progress as time goes on. As we find new people to teach and see them progress and being able to meet with them more and more. It has been a great time with Elder Seamons and I am grateful for his great example of diligent work and true love for these people. Ill miss that guy and his willingness to always be working. We were able to accomplish with the Lords help quite a bit and I hope I can keep it moving.
Some updates on Samra and Rita. Samra has been progressing very well as she has read everyday in the Book of Mormon and so cool to see her take notes and highlight things she likes. She told us her desire for baptism has grown and she really does want to be baptized, it was a humbling and exciting time to be able to see desire in her grow in just this last month, it really has been quite a miracle and it tells you the importance of reading in the Book of Mormon and prayer every day! Rita is also doing well, we met with her Wednesday with our Bishop and it went good, she brought up again her doubts and worries. It has been a big change in both her life and the life of her family as she has been meeting with us and trying to figure out if it is the right thing for her. It has been tough as there are so many ideas, decisions and what she really believes. She hasnt felt at peace with herself, when we are there it is great and she feels it is right, it becomes tough as she is alone and tries to receive an answer. The last few days though have been better. We met again on Saturday and talked about faith and also showed Elder Hollands talk last April in Conference and that seemed to helped as we focus on what we do believe rather than what we dont. We fasted with her on Sunday and she said that church was just for her! It was great and last night we called her and she said the fast really helped and even felt the support from us. As we fast and pray together in unity, miracles really do happen as we hope on and believe. We are still planning for the 15th of December for her keep her in your prayers and we know the Lord will do the rest! I love you all so very much and am so grateful for my family! 
Liebe Grüße, 
Elder Jerman
At night at the Christkindlmarkt in down town where they have set up many shops and things for Christmas.

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