Monday, November 4, 2013

email excerpt from Dallin Day in our stake

Sent by DeAnn Day in our stake.  
This is an excerpt from Dallin Day's letter today from Hungary.  Sorry no names, my boys aren't good with details.  Funny how our boys keep finding each other in pictures.

Other fun stuff: one of the other Elders in Pest is emailing right next to me, and he was showing me this picture of his friend on his mission with a couple of other missionaries, one of whom just happened to be Jason Jerman. Small world right?

Back on July 29th, Jason wrote:

 "Elder Lappalainens brother is serving a mission too in Sweden and he is actually working with Derek Day! Small world!" 

I asked "Jason, tell us how you guys figured out that you were  both serving with Elders from American Fork. "(even from the same stake)

He replied, "Well we were just emailing last week and Elder L turned to me and asked if I knew Derek Day and then he said his brother and Elder Day are companions as zone leaders. Elder L just told his brother through a email that I was companion and so then his brother told Elder Day and then they just figured it out! pretty cool!"

I called Sister DeAnn Day (Emily's mom) in our stake to ask her if she knew this fun information.  She asked her son about it in her next email and sent his response.
Here's Derek's email in response to your phone call.

"So here´s the full story of the Jerman incident.  Here we are on the computers 2 or 3 weeks ago.  My companion is going off and basically reading me his brothers letter home.  So I listen and then he says here is a picture so I slide over to see my comps brothers picture and there is Jason Jerman.  So I said, "Hey!  Your brother is a kid I know from home! (joke)  His name is Jason Jerman and is in my stake."  I said, his name is Elder jerman right?  He said, " I don´t know"  
So he writes to his brother and asks.  The next week it is all confirmed.  So mine and Jasons companions are brothers.  They are from Finland and their last names are Lappaleinen.  There you go, full story." 

So, both missionaries from the Day family, Derek in Sweden and Dallin in Hungary, have been emailing home when the missionary next to them shows them a picture and they recognize Jason Jerman from home!  
Gotta love it!

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