Monday, November 11, 2013

Praise the Lord!

I just dont know where to start but have we ever had a great and memorable week here in Rosenheim! Rita is getting BAPTIZED!! Yep you heard it, this is it and what an exciting time for her. It has just been a very humbling and neat experience these last couple days, weeks, and months working with her. I am just going to explain this all out because she is just so ready and so neat that we can be apart of it and help her through this great time. So a little background on Rita is that she was found from dooring back in July (before I got here) and they met with her once or twice but then she went on a long vacation and was gone for a while so when I got here in September she was getting back and we started visiting her weekly. Every time we had a visit the Spirit was really strong and she was taking it very well. I have mentioned before on how she would have these questions of the soul like our relationship with God and how we can recognize the Spirit. Its been neat to be able to teach from the scriptures and to have her better understand the gospel and she has been making progress these last few weeks. Especially as she reads in the Book of Mormon daily she said she loves to read because it helps her calm down and gives her peace in the morning and then that stays with her throughout the day. She has been keep all her commitments and we had tried before to commit her to baptism but she was a little unsure since she already was as a child. Its been so neat to see the Lord prepare and soften her heart in just a few weeks and let her see, feel and know the truth.
On Tuesday we met with her and invited her to be baptized on December 15th and she accepted!! Oh what an joyous time for her and as we have met a couple more times this week we have really seen how the Lord has prepared her in this time of her life. We sometimes wonder how and why things happen in the time they do but God know exactly our needs and when the time is right and now is the time for Rita. She is so so ready oh man I cant believe it. She understands and has a strong belief on what we believe. Its a lot of new things and it wont come all at once. Even for us we are still learning and progressing, and thats how it is for everyone as we keep growing our faith and love for the Lord. But she has planted that seed and that will grow and bloom with in and will bring so much happiness, it already has. A great miracle is that her two sons are supportive in her decision. She was a little worried to tell them but as she did they responded well and are happy for her. This is the time for Rita and we are seeing the in every way. Ah I am so thankful for the Lord and his work to his children to give them the happiness. And Rita is just beginning this great journey to everlasting life and happiness. Its a humbling time to be apart of it and grateful for Rita and the example she shows us. Especially her willingness to believe and act on that believe. As we all have faith and act upon the promptings of the Spirit I know the he will lead us to a knowledge of the truthfulness of this gospel. Its true, this church really is true!!
A mission is quite the experience as you work and work and then work some more even when you dont see a lot of success as you keep going and keep hoping the Lord will bless you and others and you will receive the happiness from it. Its worth it, every moment is and its a great time to keep hoping and believing. This work isnt finished yet, there a whole world out there, let us all do our part because alone we cant but together we can work miracles in the Lords hands. This is his work and his glory. Praise the Lord!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week, especially you mom. Hope you have a great birthday and thanks for being the woman you are. Love you all!
Elder Jason Jerman

p.s.  Elder seamons and I thought it would be neat if both of our familes wrote their testimonies and then sent them and we could give it to Rita for her baptism. We are going to give her a triple combinations and then with that the testimonies of our family. She understands english very well so that will be no problem. I thought it would be a great fhe activity tonight and then send them off as soon as possible. That would be wonderful and I love my family!!
Elder Jerman

~Mom here is my birthday present to you. We got pictures by the Holy Ghost street. Hope you enjoy them and the others I send.
Elder Jerman lives on Holy Ghost Street!

Elder Jerman and Elder Seamons at Holy Ghost Street sign in Rosenheim.
4 Missionaries in Rosenheim, Germany live on "Heilig Geist Strasse" -                    "Holy Ghost Street !"  

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