Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Week!

What a wonderful week we have ALL just experienced! It was a very humbling and moving time to listen and hear from men and women called from God to share with all of us what God knows we need at this time both in the church as a whole and personally. I had a need experience as the Spirit taught and prompted me with feelings and emotions in how I can improve to become a better service in this great and inspiring work. I hope we all will now take what we have learned both from the prophets and the Spirit and take it into our lives and live it! Through much prayer and faith I know we all know receive what we can personally do. This time around for watching conference was a little different than last time, if you can remember I got to go to Stuttgart with many other members meeting together to hear. Here in Rosenheim at the church they hook it up for members and people to come and watch. Saturday night as we arrived, the parking lot for empty and no sign of anyone. We go inside and the projector was up and running in the chapel but no one in sight. The meeting starts and not until President Monson got up to speak one member walks in! It was us 5 for the Saturdaymorning conference and we watched it in German. Sunday, we had Priesthood meeting, Saturday Afternoon with only a couple members here! This time we did get to see it in English which was very nice to listen to them in their voices and not having to concentrate on German the whole time so that was a blessing. In between Afternoon and Sunday morning we spoke with members and then had a little time to go out and contact in the area which was neat telling of this wonderful gospel and great plan God has for us. We are so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father and to know we are all brother and sisters. How neat it is to have that message to share that to the world. Now is the time!
A couple other things for this week is we had some great service opportunities. On Saturday we were helping a less active family build their new house they are trying to finish up in the next couple weeks. We were doing painting and tiling and it was good to strengthen our relationship with them. Then Friday was a great day which I loved! So for the last couple weeks once a week we have been practicing some good "Autumn themed" German songs, including a couple hymns. There is a couple members in the branch next to us that go singing to the hospital and old folks home 3 times a year for Spring, Autumn and Christmas. So we practiced and then Friday got to go sing for these people. It was us 4 and the other 2 Elders in our district then a couple members and an investigator in the other area. Oh man I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of back in preschool going to the old folks home to sing to them and now grown up as an Elder doing the same thing! Service comes in many forms and as we serve daily we are blessed with our efforts no matter how small the deed is!
Real quick we have one great investigator that we have been meeting with weekly that the Elders before me found through dooring. She is a German but loves to speak English with us. As we teach her so has questions like how do I have a relationship with God and how do I know and recognize an answer from him? These questions are within us all and the gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone understand and receive answers to our questions. As we read in the scriptures, pray faithfully and go to church we receive the knowledge our heart and mind our desiring. So great to can all prepare in these simple daily and weekly spiritual activities to help others have the same joy! Our message is a message of joy and happiness!
Stay positive and always look on the bright side because its always there!
Love you all so much,
Elder Jerman

NOTE - Jason's cousin, Dallin Spackman is serving in Fiji.  Dallin's new companion is Elder Wilson from Preston, Idaho.  I asked Jason to ask his companion, Elder Seamons if he knew Elder Wilson.  He replied, "Yes, they played soccer together!"
Fun to have 4 missionaries!  Elder Jerman, Young, Seamons and Bassett

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