Monday, September 30, 2013

Train Time

Family, its that time again!
Wow here we are again, sometimes its hard to believe a week has gone by and then you look back on the week and see all the experiences you have had. A lot has been learned and its neat to think back on this last week and remember those things learned. One thing is the importance of always being a good example. You never know who is watching and not just as missionaries but as members we are noticed and how we act can say a lot. Our example can teach more than we think. As a missionary here in Europe it is not so common for someone to know who you are, but when someone does oh it sure does make me happy. One day on the train we were traveling and we were about to get off when a lady across from me spoke up in English and asked if I was from America. She is actually a professor at the University of Denver and she said she had some students that would go on missions. She thought it was pretty impressive for young men to be doing that and she wished me luck. People do notice us in the world where ever we are and are example can teach them lots.
This week we have traveled on train quite a bit so that has given some time to try and talk with people! Its interesting how lots of the people here in Europe are very personally and dont like opening up and talking, well I guess anywhere you go its a little different talking to strangers in public but thats what we do best here and so its been neat. Two experiences, one was with a younger guy about my age sitting across from me. He had some soccer pants on so I asked him if we played and then told him I played back in America and we started talking about sports and school. He had to get off quick but the thought came to mind, I sure hope he meets the missionaries in the future and will be more open to them! He has got a life ahead of him and the gospel could be such a big blessing for him and his family. Another time I sat down next to an older lady and just asked her how she was doing and we went off on family and life and it was a very good talk and at the end we thanked me for sitting down by her. Building good relationships with people is a big part even if you wont ever see them again you can trust in the God that he will then work with them and that experience they had with you. That is what faith is all about, acting on a righteous desire to fulfill a future blessing! An experience with that this week is we were on an exchange this week with the other Elders here in Rosenheim and we were doing some dooring and one man came out and started going off about how we are wasting our time and how we wont see any success here and that we should go home. I responded with a simple testimony that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and the power in that was strong and I could feel it. That is how the Holy Ghost teaches us through small and simple truths. I am grateful for the simpleness of the gospel and how we can always testify of the things we know are true. Its hard for someone to argue with that and for that I am grateful. This work couldnt move forward without the Spirit and a living God who loves all people. God does still speak with his children today and I am so grateful we get to hear from Prophets and Apostles this next week. What they say is what the world needs and what God has in his wonderful plan for us. Grateful for my small part I can be doing in the Lords work for these people here. Many people here dont realize it but as we stay happy and positive and live a strong example of Christ either the ones prepared will find us or we will find them. I just know it!
Hope you have a wonderful week and birthdays wishes to both Dad and Brett!
Much Love,
Elder Jerman

Hey good morning. Yeah we are on a little later today. We were planning to go to the oktober fest and see that in munich but we ran out of time as we were taking some things to the dump and did some unexpected service along the way but that was worth it. Its fun with 4 to play some games sometimes in the apartment or walk around, There is a palace on a lake that I want to go to one of these pdays. We just need to do it, we just have to buy tickets for trains and things but we will go! Hope all is well at home!

Love, Jason

Oktober Fest lasts about two weeks and its already been going on so we will have to make it up there. We are acutally going up there next week anyway for a meeting but for general conference this week we are staying in rosenheim. They will just have it at the church unlike last time where we had to go to stuttgart. Ah i am so excited for general conference!!! Such a wonderful time!
Love, Jason

Hey guys great to hear from you! Love you all so much and thanks for telling me what your week is like! One quick thing about to answer Alicia's question. One fun and really really simple thing to make is spätzle. Its very common here and last week when we were at a members house she told me how to make it and such! Its real easy but way good, its flour, salt, eggs, and warm water! HMM yum! Love you all, keep making great memories. Its so neat sometimes as I go throughout the day and randomly a memory would pop into my head. This week one day I remembered new years eve banging pans. So glad we spent so much time together as a family. Love you guys!

Jason, your brother
Rosenheim District at the ward house.  Opportunity to be the District Leader.

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