Sunday, October 27, 2013

Elder Hoggan from Smithfield

Grandpa and Grandma called to share their fun discovery.  When they read your last letter about an Elder Hoggan from Smithfiled, they wondered if he was related to their friends Brent and Laconna Hoggan.  Grandpa met him after his mission at USU and they have stayed in touch over the years, so they called and told them they had a grandson serving in the Alpine mission.  The Hoggans said they did also!  So, you and Elder Hoggans grandpas went to USU together and are friends!  Plus, Uncle Rolfe served as the Logan temple president a few years back and Brother Hoggan was his councilor for those 3 years, so he knows Uncle Rolfe really well.  Also, Elder Hoggan went to Skyview high school near aunt Cami's house.  His older cousin (named after grandma Laconna) is Conna Hoggan and is good friends with Courtney King.  Like over at her house a lot and once she was there when Grandma was there and when she met her, she knew who her grandmother must be because of her name.  Courtney is probably 4 years older than Elder Hoggan so he probably doesn't know her.  Anyway, Grandpa and Grandma had a ton of fun talking to his grandparents and figuring this all out!

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