Monday, October 14, 2013

Short on time

Hey Family!
I dont have a lot of time today. We were at a members house this afternoon and then as we came to do emails there wasnt any places open as there is only one internet cafe here in Rosenheim. And so the other Elders went first as I went of with Elder Bassett who is actually leaving Rosenheim this next week. But we walked around the city and had a good time. We visited a Catholic church which was fun to walk in and see the old building. Its been a great week though. We got transfer calls and Elder Seamons and I are staying together here in Rosenheim but we will be getting a new Elder in the other companionship!
Tuesday we had a Zone Training meeting in Munich and I got to see Elder Merkley for the first time since our time together. It was great to talk to him as well as Elder Spencer from Lehi who is also in my zone. That night we had German class which we have been doing the last couple weeks with a man who the other Elders contacted but we have been teaching him German and English you could say. He is from Pakistan and he just told us this last week that he actually walked here! I am so thankful to be an American and be a citizen of a well off country.
Wednesday we had a funeral for a Sister that passed away in the ward. It was unexpected and pretty sad. She is the only member in her family so at the sementary they did a Catholic ceremony which was neat to see but then afterwards we came to the church and neat to have lots of non members at the church to speak with. As we were cleaning up we had a man walk in the church and so we went up and talked with him and we met again with him and Thursday. He actually lives right behind the church. It was neat as we were there you could see the church out the window so then on Sunday he came to church and it was great. He has some great potential as he made the first step to take the courage to come to the church. Its so true that we find people that are prepared but also people find us. We need to always be ready to speak with everyone. Out of time for this week. Love you
Elder Jerman
Old Catholic church we visited while waiting for our turn to email.

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