Monday, October 21, 2013

What a beautiful day!

Pictures today!
Also a reply to a couple of our questions.  -  The work is coming good, slowly but good. I have come to find the importance of the small little things that might not seem like much but that we can do and then leave up to God to work with the ones we impacted. I find much joy in the little things is what keeps me going since we dont see much big success but we keep pressing forward and realize all the miracles we do see. The fall is pretty here and we also have had a very warm and sunny last few days which has been nice. not a lot of changing colors, a little bit but a lot is still green and beautiful that way.
Elder Jerman in Munich for Stake Conference

My wonderful family!
Its a great time to be alive and breathing the fresh air no matter where we are in the world. Today I feel very blessed and grateful. We are apart of a time that is like none other in to have the gospel of Jesus Christ to lead and direct our lives is a wonderful thing. We see miracles daily no matter how small or how simple. We have a living father in Heaven who loves us and blesses as we try our best in living a life and how neat to learn daily from prayer and the scriptures from his plan for us and our brother and sisters around us. I have a little bit more time this week as last week was crazy having very little time to write but I am just glad we could hear from another. Sounds like everyone is doing well and staying busy and happy as life moves on. What a great blessing that is. Today we will be heading to Munich a little later on to have Interviews with President Miles,  and we had a great weekend in Munich as we had Stake Conference. Saturday we got to go the the evening meeting for the adults and then Sunday we had the Conference in a rented out Theater place which was neat. So fun to be with the other missionaries as we got to partake in the Conference and sing "Called to Serve" which was powerful and spiritual. Also exciting to meet members from around the stake and talk with them. On Saturday night I was talking with a African Brother who in the last couple months has become a member and so neat to speak with him and feel his excitement. Then another lady came up and asked if he was from Benin, he said no but I piped up and said, Hey I know Benin, my brother served there. She told me she has a friend there and it was neat to make a little connection in the world with each other. A great weekend to spend time with missionaries and members here in Munich.
Here in Rosenheim we received a new Elder, its the other companionship but its fun to have a new Elder here and get to know him. Elder Hoggan is the name from Smithfield Utah. That puts me now at being the oldest missionary in our apartment. I dont even feel that old on my mission but it will be neat to all work together to help this area out here in Bayern. Our work is coming along as we have had some good finding time this week and have found some interested people. I know the Lord had prepared the ones that are searching and so I love going out and talking with people and try to help people realize that. Its not easy and many dont want to listen but its neat to be part of this work that no matter what happens you can be doing something of importance. Just yesterday coming back from Munich we just missed our train going back to Rosenheim so we had an hour in Munich, I was excited to go out and try and help the world be a little better if I could. No one was listening to us and didnt have the time but we keep going and came up to a lady who had some mercy and decided to stay and listen. She said she likes to read and we went right to the Book of Mormon, heck ya you better believe we have something for you to read and it can change you for the best. We gave her to book and look at the time and we had to run back to the train station to catch our next train but I say that was a miracle that we could find someone who would listen and even if we had to run back we did our part and helped the world just in our little way with just one person but I know she matters to God and he loves her so glad I could help her out. We had a similar experience dooring one night with nothing and yes even a couple doors close right away but we did find the one the Lord had prepared for us. We explained to him the Book of Mormon and he took it and said he will read it. It might have just been one man but it was the one God wanted us to help. I sure do hope now that we have found them that they will act upon the truth and want to meet with us again. We cant measure success though on the things we cant control just on the things we can. We will do our best to help them recognize this great blessing of the gospel and of the Book of Mormon. The scriptures really can teach us so much along with prayers and I hope we all do find the time everyday for them in our busy lives to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ which is what we need 1st. I love you all and am grateful for you.
Have a beautiful day and week!
Love, Elder Jerman

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