Monday, September 2, 2013

This just in

What an exciting time it is in Germany. So the big news for the week is that we received transfer calls on Friday morning from President to see if we were staying together another transfer or if one of us was going. I pick up the phone and he asked me to put it on speaker phone and so I did so and then he told us that we are both getting transfered! Heilbronn will be getting two new missionaries! Elder Lappalainen will be going back to Switzerland I will be heading a little more south right next to the Alps to the beautiful city of Rosenheim! I am very excited to go to a new area now that my German has a good foundation and have a little more knowledge of whats going on. I will be working with a missionary who has just finished his trainer so he is younger than me but more info on that and such next week. Its sad to be leaving Heilbronn after the last 5 and a half months. I really gotten to learn to love the ward and the people here but we know that change always brings something better and we can share our light with many more.
I dont have much time today as we have been with members today spending time with them before we both leave. Its kind of crazy we are both leaving and that usually doesnt happen but the Lord knows what is whats best for this area. So I do though with the time I have tell you about a experience this week that we had. It was early in the week we went to visit a less active that we had no info about and no number so we had to go on by. Sadly he wasnt there so we had a little time before our bus came. We decided to make a few phone calls and one particualy to a potential we had found a couple days before. He answered and said he had time tonight to meet. We had some time and so we went for it. As we showed up he was outside his place with some friends and they saw us and started making jokes and saying that we were Jehovah Witnesses. We handle the situation good and went with him inside and had a lesson with him. He was totally different from the others and very interested in our message. As we left his friends said some things I didnt really understand but probably not too important. I have a strong testimony there are those prepared amoung those who have not quite caught on. Its so neat we can find the one in the many who is prepared for this wonderful gospel.
I love you all and I am doing well, I will hopefuly have more time next week but things are great!

Elder Jerman
 Me in front of the ward house in Heilbronn! Loved that place.

 Tuesday at zone training. This was my district this last transfer.

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