Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple and Small

Liebe Familie,
Welcome to a new day! I think its just the coolest thing that we can wake up every morning and start a new and wonderful day. We are so blessed to live at this time and we all do have many blessings that God has given us, and we learn as we do what he has asked and revealed will bless us even more than what we will ever give. Times can get tough and we sometimes dont understand why and how but as we keep living how we know we should we will receive that joy and peace all of us desire. This week we have done some good traveling in our area to go by on less actives and formers that havent had much contact the last little while and I would have to say that this last week we have been to one of the most beautiful places of the world. Not to boast or anything but God really has given us a wonderful place to live and no matter where we are we can realize the marvelous creations of the earth around us.
This week we started teaching a lady that we have been doing service for the last while and it will be great to help her and answer her many questions of life and the gospel. She loves to talk and can go off on a story for some time but we are excited to be able to help her in her life at this time. Its so interesting, I have learned about time and the time we are living now. There are few here that are prepared at this time but there are those that are just difficult to find. I am so glad we have the great example of our Savior Jesus Christ and try to live as he would want us to live and help those around us prepare for their time. The Lord works in many simple and small ways and I know as we stay happy and positive and share our testimonies he will use us more than we know even if we dont see the end result. I am grateful to serve here at this time and to keep moving forward trying to live as Christ would want me to. On Saturday we had a finding day in Neuötting one of the most Catholic parts of Germany and I had a neat opportunity to have a good long talk with a man which we talked about both life and the gospel. He might not have much interest now but I have faith for what I shared will help him whether he accepts it in this life or the next.
Also something neat about having 4 Elders here in Rosenheim is on Saturday traveling back from Neuötting we had some time at two different train stations until our train came and so we went out contacting with the other companion and its fun to work and learn from the other two. Things are well here in Rosenheim and I know as we count our blessings and recognize the small things God gives us we can make everyday great and meaningful day with the small acts of service we do to others.
Love you all much.
Familes are Forever!
Elder Jerman

Just a quick note about here in new area. Elder Seamons is quite great we get along well as we both have similar hobbies and personality. We play sometimes soccer in the morning. He also plays the violin and today he and the other Elder went to a funeral for a less active and he played for that so it has been me and Elder Young who was in my Utah state ysa ward! We have a great time together as he is very new on his mission and he is a great humble guy! Times at the apartment are good as we have fun talking about our days and eating sometimes together just last night we had a family invite all 4 of us and it almost felt like a big family eating. Soo fun!
Here is a fun picture of a yarn bridge. 
Love you and have a great day! Jason
The Yarn Bridge

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