Monday, September 9, 2013


Liebe Familie!!
3 Missionaries in Heilbronn! -  Elder Lappalainen (from Finland),  Elder Lichner (just arrived back home to Heilbronn from his mission in Berlin and not yet released), and me!  Elder Jerman
Oh man what a wild ride it has been this last week! Lots of great experience and stories that are now in the past from a great 1st area and now lots of exciting and new adventures to come in my new area Rosenheim! There is a lot to tell so lets dive right in! At the beginning of the week we had till Wednesday until we left early Thursday morning to say goodbye to all the great members in Heilbronn. We spent most of our Pday at a members house enjoying the time together,Tuesday night and Wednesday night we enjoyed the time as well with members. It is pretty unusual for both Elders to leave the area which was a bummer for the members to have to say goodbye to both of us. It was neat too though for both Elder Lappalainen and I to spend our last days there together. Tuesday afternoon we had a Zone Training meeting so got to meet with the Stuttgart zone one last time and fun to see everyone and take pictures. Wednesday we had a less active lesson in the morning and then we probably had one of the coolest afternoons ever!! So one of the families in the branch had a son on a mission serving in the Berlin Mission. He was going to get back around the same time we were leaving and it was too bad because I have heard so much about him the last 6 months! So we get a phone callWednesday morning and I pick up and on the other line is Elder Lichner from the Berlin Mission! He had gotten home and wasnt getting set apart until that night and so asked if he could go to any appointments with us and it worked out perfect. We had an appointment made out with a potential investigator. It was a older couple and so we went and it was the neatest thing ever! Having 3 missionaries there was so cool and on our last day there and his last day of his mission! Soo cool! I also learned lots from him especially I loved when he shared testimony of living prophets and how we have been given restored truths through prophets that bless our families for eternity! It was a great last couple days in Heilbronn. Then Thursday rolls around and off we both go with our suitcases in hand heading out of Heilbronn on train for the last time. Well who knows maybe I will make it back there one day but for now it was off to Munich and then on to Rosenheim.
I met up with Elder Seamons at the Munich train station where lots of the missionaries are as they are transfered around the mission so it was fun to see some familiar faces but we didnt have much time as we went to catch our train. Elder Seamons is such a cool guy! He is from Preston Idaho and had just finished his training so he is younger than I am on our missions but he is so great! We are both really excited to work with each other and push ourselves as we work hard, be obedient and not complain. I really believe we can push ourselves to become who the Lords knows we can become and so neat we can be doing it together. I am excited to what the future will bring and Rosenheim better be ready! Rosenheim is so pretty and its interesting to notice differences from here and Heilbronn. Down here in Bayern area there are hardly any wine vineyards which I saw all over the place in Heilbronn. Here there is more trees and forests, and they have mountains here!! Oh so beautiful! We have had a great last couple days as we have had some less active lessons and finding. No matter where you are the work of God is the same but its neat to meet new people and share your light. Church was great as my German is much better than my 1st Sunday in Heilbronn and fun to talk to members and start to get to know them.
Also so fun news is that there is 4 Elders here in Rosenheim and we all live together and so now its really like "The Best 2 Years" It will take some getting used to and hopefully we can get everything we done we need to but it will be neat to be with them and share how each others day went and have contact like that with other missionaries! Just today we had a fun time going to a bakery and getting something to eat and then eating together at a park. I am excited to serve them and all these wonderful people here. Its been a humbling experience to come here after leaving an area which I knew so much about. The streets, how to get around, the people and then to come here having to trust in my companion and go along with it with a good attitude. Its been a great few days and the future is looking good as a new change has come and a new opportunity to set goals and learn more about the gospel and the children of God. How great it is to know we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and we can show our love to him by following his wise council that he has given us to succeed in this life. We can put our trust in Him as we follow his commandments and love and serve those around us and I know we will be blessed for it as we feel the joy it comes from it. He is aware of all of us, and we can feel his love everyday. I love you all very much too and am so blessed we can live as a family forever!
Liebe Grüße,

Elder Jason Jerman

p.s.Oh one other thing. Here in Rosenheim they are having their own little mini october fest before the one in munich and its so insane. so many people in the streets dressed up in lader hosen and traditional clothing, I love it!! so fun walking the streets. I will have to share that next week in my letter but things are going well and I love you very much and so glad you are keeping busy and doing such great things. Till next week.
Elder Jerman

I will have to take and send pictures of me and Elder seamons and also of this beautiful city! also so that you know the new address of where I live is, (just of fun fact Heilig Geist means Holy Spirit in english) 

Elder Jason C. Jerman
Heilig Geist Straße 54
Rosenheim 83022

streets in Rosenheim

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