Monday, July 22, 2013

He will answer back

Here we are again on a great summer day. This week has been pretty hot and next week is suppose to even get a little hotter. I am thankful for being used to the heat and growing up where the weather is pretty similar. Elder Lappalainen doesnt really have that background growing up in Finnland where the summer is just a month and a half so its been fun to see him trying to get used to the heat. We are having a good time together, he knows how to keep things fun and he is a talker so its been good. We speak in German most of the day unless we are planning or studying together and I have really seem a improvement with my German. I was a little worried at the beginning of our time together but we really know more than I thought we would and there is no way that would have been possilbe without the Lord. Just this last week we found out that we will be staying together for this next transfer. My time here in Heilbronn is not over yet, and I am grateful for it! Its been neat this last week I have been better understood my role here and what I can do to improve. As a missionary and as a member of this church I have got lots to share and that light that is in all of us can really shine to so many people. Its a neat opportunity to be here and to be figuring out my part here and what I have to share. The gospel of course but also trying to share that love with them and what the Lord has given me to share. I dont remember who said it but it was the last General Conference. He said, "We all have something special to share and as loose ourselves in service and love we find ourselves." It is so true!! 
So this week we had some ups and downs in the work. At times it was tough and at other times I was loving the ride. But you know how it goes, what goes up must come down and I glad it does or else I wouldnt learn as much from it! Wednesday we had a neat experience. So a couple weeks ago we received a referral from Chruch Headquarters and that never happends here in Germany! Its pretty rare when someone wants a visit from the missionaries and so I was so pumped to go by on him.His name is Andreas and what was neat actually is where this guy lives when he requested a missionary visit we were on the same day in his city and actually on his street! When we met with him on Wednesday he said he saw us but it was after he had made the request. Oh boy but that sure is sealing the deal if I have ever seen one. To have him see the missionaries on his street after he made out the request. So when we met on Wednesday we went on a walk with him out in the fields (he lives in a pretty small town so there is lots of fields) and he said it was Gods plan that is what caught his attention and that there is really no other church that has that. Things have happened in his life that he has thought there must be a plan for me. We are excited to work with him in the next coming weeks. 
So then Thursday rolls around and the day played out a little different. We had a less active we wanted to go by so we went to the train station but the train for some reason didnt go so we decided to take the next one and go streeting until then. So when we came back the same thing happened with that train. We didnt really have a back up plan (which was not good, always have a back up plan!) but good thing we always have people on the streets here to talk to so that is what we did but there was no one wanted to listen to us and we had been going now for a couple hours. We decided to take a little break and get an ice cream. We then said a pray that someone would listen to us and then went back to work. Almost right after we stood up and started walking a couple came up to us and said they had seen us the other day but didnt have the chance to talk to us. We then talked to them and answered some questions. They didnt have further interest but oh man it was so awesome that right after our prayer the Lord answered back. Its not always that fast but I know that he will always answer back as we ask and then get up on our feet and just do it! 
Keep on moving forward. Love you all! 
Liebe Grüße, 
Elder Jerman
Elder Lap and I by the Neckar River that runs through the city.

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